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FDT 23 at Transgression park

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FDT 23 at Transgression park
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Post FDT 23 at Transgression park  Reply with quote
First up, big thanks to all those who helped make this happen.
Its been an epic weekend of nerfing with some of the refs pulling a double shift friday and Saturday night, much appreciated.

So, yesterday saw big Al and myself run the first ever modshop before the main event. TP gave us a great little venue to run this and we had a total of 7 kids modifying fire/sidestrikes and nitefinders. Those numbers were just about right and although we over ran slightly we got the job done.
Huge thanks to Northwind for the loan of the chrono, kids really appreciated it and were well impressed 😎
Official BSUK springs also received the kids seal of approval.

Now on to the war,
First up as always, LOCKDOWN my favourite game.
First round us bibs gave it a good go but couldn't quite finish the job when we had them bunched up in their base.
Second round, bibs were devastating, this must be the closest you can come without an actual confirmed win. I think there was only one player left when the hooter went. So a moral victory, eh Al 😉
The bibs team moved in squads, isolating and clearing out groups.

Next VOLLEYBOMB. As all action as ever! With bibs winning both rounds. Keeping their cool in the latter stages of the rounds. The new "bowl hunting" technique of keeping any players waiting in the bowls under fire really worked. (The bowls are popular areas to get the ball into)

DOMINATION, time for a non- bibs come back, they got into a great early position and kept control of the clock over and over again, I think Al may have single handedly wiped out half our team with a stryfe and a load of 18 clips.

Next round was back to buisness as usual though. Bibs got the Riot shield in there and never looked back.

Free4All to finish, which was good to end the night.

Some epic one on one battles during the evening, also I think at least half the gimes I got tagged was with one of the blasters I'd just helped mod 😅

I think overall I probably lost the personal battles, but the team performance is what counts 😀

This was the first outing for the magnum superdrum, not the most accurate  (if thats a thing) but huge capacity open drum makie it a good skatepark blaster.

Cant wait for the next one.

**EDIT **
Forgot to mention the new blasters I saw in action last night,
Tri strikes seemed to work well, much better than retals. No jams and slamfire looks pretty smooth.

Oh and the Mastodon! That thing cleared house.
The little kid wielding that saved my bacon a few times.

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Yep I thoroughly enjoyed last night as first time I've actually played since GUN in November. Used my double Lawbringer for the lockdown games with my usual duel 8 shot 5x5s. Unfortunately Rabs team had an unfair advantage with the majority of the modded blasters on his team (that's my excuse) with pretty much just me and Mel and one other kid with one of the Modshop blasters we had just modded. Mel was running a fearless fire on 2 IMR's and it was lethal, she was mowing people down with it Very Happy For the first round of volley bomb I switched to my Death Trooper Deluxe which was great and with the mods I had done on it was really effective and out gunning most people but I quickly got fed up of the constant reloading and switched to my 2 IMR Stryfe for the rest of the night as we needed the fire power. As Rab said the Stryfe worked a treat in Domination and I stocked well up on darts before the first round and pretty much single handedly cleared out the entire attacking team long enough for us to get our only win of the night Very Happy

Modshop was great fun and all the kids involved loved it and I was also on the receiving end of a couple of the blasters we had just modded which was fun, you dont often expect to be nailed by a pistol from such a distance by most of the kids there, took me by surprise a few times and definitely added to the game having better blasters in play.

I'm here to fling foam and chew gum and I'm all out of gum.


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I have to agree guys, it was a great night.

Modshop was great fun and I think the kids learned a lot. I'll be putting together a short video tonight.

Having had a rest for Friday night's war (I had an office reunion to attend) I was fresh as a daisy for last night's war. I think it was one of the best yet. Refs were ruthless over the DOM clock and made sure every player who was shot knew they had to respawn back at base. Volleybomb was the usual insanity and is easily my favourite game to ref.

Next TP event is Feb 25th and I can't wait. I WILL take part in a full war at TP this year but it may be later on in 2017.

Thanks to all the refs who made this double header weekend, where we hosted over 130 players, an absolute classic Smile


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Another great event.

Fin loved the Modshop.  
Just the right ratio between teachers and students - No waiting around if the kids got to a tricky bit that they needed assistance with, and it was only assistance, the kids did all the mods themselves.
Chrono was a great adition to see the improvements made

I was happy to help out refereeing , to give the regular refs a chance to play.  Everyone played fair  Wink
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Thanks for the feedback! Really happy with the Modshop feedback too.

It was a great event - some "characters" who needed a reminder or 2 about honesty and taking your penalties but they soon towed the line. 2 great games of Domination Smile

Onto the 25th February!


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