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FDT at Zone 74 No. 6

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FDT at Zone 74 No. 6
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Post FDT at Zone 74 No. 6  Reply with quote
Good night again. Myself, Rab and Mel running the show and as always a mix of now becoming regulars and newbies turning up for the games. Last night marked a great leap forward as it was our first pre sale sell out, we have sold it out most months but it's always been with walk ups on the night but this was an in advance sell out so it's great to see the player base building up out in the West of Scotland.
Also last night saw the addition of stacked waffles into the dart pool and they worked a treat especially with the modded blasters, my son went on a one shot one hit tagging spree with his sentinel at one point and was amazed how many hits he racked up just because he could hit what he was aiming at for a change Very Happy

Usual mix of games, first up Lock down with non bibs securing a win after my sons aforementioned shooting spree took out half the opposite team really quickly but the second round held out for a draw with a small group dug in near their base holding out to keep them alive.

Next up, Domination, and one of the best rounds I've seen, proper back and forth stuff with both teams getting the clock down to under 10 seconds left twice each, it was epic. When I shouted 20 seconds left there was a proper charge from the other team to take the hill it was great to see some team work and get results. Second round finished a bit quicker and a win for each team I think. The terrain of the park really does offer an advantage in this game so who ever has the easy to defend side often wins but we switch them over each game to even the odds.

Two good rounds of HvZ were had with two young pretty fast boys as winners. I thought the same boy was going to do a double but he was second last caught in the second game and just missed out. Also had a boy claim he had won but he had pocketed his blaster and was pretending to be a zed and then jumped out at the end saying 'me, me' but we disqualified him and declared the proper fair winner. Always one Very Happy

Finishing off with our now staple, Code Red, kids Vs Adults. We drafted in a few of the teens and regular players to join in the adults team to boost the numbers with the adults getting a 5 second immunity after a tag to help them along.  Good fun and a good end to the night.

We'll get another date sorted and booked soon as and looking forward to another one.

I'm here to fling foam and chew gum and I'm all out of gum.


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Yep another good night Mel & Al,
Great to see that we've got a good core of regulars now along with the new faces.
Quite a few of those guys are skaters and must spend all weekend at the park!

Some really good game action here and I like the terrain advantage in domination, it makes it very challenging but does make for some epic battle charges.

Waffle tips, were working well. The foam quality on them seems really good. I tried a few range shots at the end and koosh still have the edge on distance but boy do those waffles fly straight. Good to have a mix of both.

On the blaster front there were a lot of disruptors in the mix, which look to be a pretty decent skatepark side arm. Also quite a few falconfires, which are about as war practical as you'd expect.

Well done to everyone involved, roll on the next one.

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Well done guys - great to have this sell out in advance - that's testament to how you run them.  

I'll get to work on our next date for Zone 74 Smile


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