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Foam Dart Thunder Leeds 1 - After Action Report!

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Foam Dart Thunder Leeds 1 - After Action Report!
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Post Foam Dart Thunder Leeds 1 - After Action Report!  Reply with quote
The Trinity is complete!

The first Foam Dart Thunder event in Leeds was massive fun in whole new Nerfing world for us in Leeds!

The skatepark in the Works is a superb venue, full of ramps, walls, lips, ridges and all the sorts of stuff which make for exciting cover during games.

FDT and family and Rab joined us from bonnie Scotland to officially set the FDT ball rolling in Leeds and show us Englishmen (OMN and myself!) how it's done!

The 40-44 (each time I tried a headcount, the number changed...) were divided into two teams, consisting mainly of new recruits as well as Dylan, Mr Crane and his fellow airsofter, both of whom were kitted out impressively with Rival gear! This was the first time I've seen a full on Rival Loadout at a Nerf event, by the way, and it was deadly! I've seen as many Rival Mags as that in the same place!

We started off by playing Lockdown (Freeze Tag Xp). We played twice, and both times, the reds eventually wore the Clear team down through persistent teamwork and watching each other's backs.

The next game was Domination (King Of The Hill), which was won once by the Reds and once by the Clears. We used riot shields extra cover (the park itself was fantastic for that as it was) and it took some intensive refereeing to keep tagged players respawning amidst the firefights which raged around the objective!

Finally, HvZ.

I'm going to add more to this later, so keep an eye out for edits!

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Thanks for hosting the event guys, It was awesome!

I'd definetly reccomend that any of the usual Leeds bunch should give it a go at some point.

The skatepark was such a different setting and I really enjoyed it - especially for the bomb games and the HvZ games.

I had some absolute legend of a child who was busy reloading all my mags when I wasn't looking, made my day!

As said on the day, I was a tad put off by it being almost completley kids but as soon as the games started that went straight out the window!

Well done to OMN, Jolt, Rab and FDT - much appreciated

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Well done Jolt and OMN that was an epic event.

The Works is an awesome venue, its more "corridor" like than we're used to and with less high ramps but its got absolutely masses of cover and it was wall to wall fire fights for the entire night.

Big shout out to the lads at the Works, super cool bunch of guys and we were made very welcome.

Great bunch of players, all really well behaved and "got it" straight away.  Was an absolute pleasure to help reff.

Mr Crane and Jay, first class gents. Think you guys made some of the kids nights and was great to see the rivals in action.

The venue is going to lend itself to a host of game types, cant wait to see what develops, already starting to plan a return trip when hopefully this time I'll get to play in whats fast becoming the nerfing capital of the universe. Well played Leeds.

Big shout out to all involved, thanks for a great night.


ok so that was all a bit oscar speechy.
Ive just realised ive not really covered the game play.

First up was "Lock tag freeze down" although im totally impartial as a ref 😉 I do like to encourage teams if I think theres a win on the cards so the bibs pushed on and swept up the field but the non bibs put up a spirited fight and I'm sure just managed to hold off the "freeze down" 😛 until the clock ran down.

Second game was similar with bibs breaking the stand-off and pushing on. Only for some of the non bibs to get in behind their lines tag in their team mates and attack from the rear. An epic move but not enough to secure the win and im sure the clock won again.

DOMINATION was next.
Non bibs went in fast, used the terrain advantage and nearly secured an instant win, only for one kid to dive in and save the bibs in the last seconds of the countdown. Non bibs then reset, defended impeccably and nailed it.

Second round was one of the best back and forth battles ive seen. The domination clock usually sits on a high ramp making it much harder to access but in this location at one point it was getting flipped constantly!

Bibs then pushed forward using the cover and set up an advanced line which allowed them to finally hold down the clock just in time before the round finished.

Couple of rounds of HvZ to finish, always good and these lasted much longer than expected.

Thats only the reults as viewed by this ref, other referees opinions may vary.

Some pretty good players in the mix and interestingly the ones I got a chance to chat with hadnt been to any other Nerf events in Leeds so I can see huge potential for all 3 Nerf events down there to grow.

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It was a great start to what promises to be another excellent addition to the Leeds Nerf world. My son described it as a mixture of high paced trench warfare - each team would push forward to take a ramp or piece of cover, only to find their dart supply overextended and the opposition would push back to retake the lost ground - some real to and fro action!

Now we know the skate part layout, understand how the cover and venue works (there was really no where 'safe' which meant you had to be on your toes and cover your angles) and can see what can be done, we can start to develop the games to suit what we have. Expect a lot more fun at this event in the future!

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Sounded like fun. I love the look of this place from the skatepark vids I've seen online. I agree with Mr Craine, the skatepark offers such a unique and different venue to play in and such a different style of play from the other games. Leeds really has it all now with a huge vairaty of game styles and types, Well Jell Very Happy

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This parks awesome Al, you and the troops would love it!

There's absolutely no dead zones in it, your either firing or dodging darts 😊 plus you can get some really close quarter stuff going while both teams are still under cover.

Its so weird how the 3 skateparks have such different dynamics to them.

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Well I've finally come down from the high of Saturday night.

First off a huge thanks to Rab, Jolt and OMN for refereeing with me. We forgot to get a Team FDT photo tho!

To be honest we had it easy with a great bunch of players, mostly kids but with Mr Crane and Jay plus a handful of Dads as well.

I decided not to utilise the second massive area that houses a couple of bowl ramps for scenarios, as it made a great safe zone plus a briefing zone and this proved to be a good decision. I also decided not to use the viewing gallery above the park for snipers, and instead allow the viewing parents to head up there. (You'll see this area on the drone footage). I would still love to get some players up there but I'll speak to Jolt and OMN about this going forward.

As others have said the park is fantastic for Nerf Wars. It's a longer park than we at FDT are used to, but as Rab says that means teams are heading towards eachother way more than at TP or Zone 74. Close quarters combat was a necessity but the park still had enough width to allow games to flow.

The games have been covered by Rab above, so all I'll say is I was really jealous of those players as I would have loved to take part in a war at The Works. We'll be pulling together a Scottish battalion in the not too distant future and marching on down the road for a Saturday night stramash!

The only downside for the drone in The Works is the ceilings are nowhere near as high as Zone 74 or TP, but I still got some good footage. The drone will come into it's own at TP26.5 on Fri 24th March.

It's been months in the planning but it was definitely the right decision to get FDT to The Works. With GuN and Wolf Pack, Leeds is now spoiled for choice, with all the different game types and venues.

It was great to see the Rivals in there too - I've now been convinced and so will be purchasing a sizeable order when I hit USA later this year.

So once again thanks to everyone - the second event at The Works will be on April 1st and tickets are already selling.

Hugh thanks to everyone who helped made it happen. Onwards and upwards!


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