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Hybrid Games

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Hybrid Games
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Post Hybrid Games  Reply with quote
Several others have done this, like freeze tag with zombies, but we have been experimenting with different hybrid games now my players are used to the regular game types and I thought people might like to try the results!

These games REQUIRE MARSHALS to really work, as they need to watch out fir tags and occasionally assist resetting game elements.

Kill Confirmed rules- We have found these can be applied to objective games like "Kill the principle/president." It made the attackers and defenders really think about strategy and can be played with or without a countdown clock. Trying to achieve an objective against the clock, with the pressure of being tagged out is super intense.

Key rules:
1- When tagged, take a knee/place hand up as usual for lockdown/KC
2- Cool down period- you cannot be revived until you count 3 ALOUD, to stop hit tanking.
3- If you are down and tagged by a friendly, you are revived, if tagged by an enemy you are eliminated.
4- Any team wiped out loses! If you have a time limit or objective then any remaining player can try to achieve the objective or survive against the odds.

Lockdown Rules-
We combined these with "Bomb Run" to great effect. See my bomb run entry for core rules for that.

Key rules:
1- When tagged, take a knee/place hand up as usual for lockdown
2- Cool down period- you cannot be revived until you count 3 ALOUD. This can be extended to 5 seconds if needed.
3- If carrying the big bomb, stunned players may "hand off" the bomb once to a friendly player. If they are trapped or DROP the bomb, a marshall returns it to the OWNING teams bucket. Radios are useful for telling a team it's bomb is spawning.

I found this variation discouraged "goal hanging" by single players who often used to wait out of sight or outside ready to try and rush the bomb in alone. It also encourages pair work, which is the basis of tactical coordination and radios, you can call for help!

If this interests you then try out both hybrid options for games with objectives, it could be equally fun for flux, domination or any number if other objective based scenarios. If you have a larger young player base, use lockdown rules to make your hybrid games, as nobody wants too much time out of the game.

Big_Poppa_Nerf wrote:

Boff whats the damage? I have spent over 3 times my Nerf budget this month already. Part of me is trying to be a responsible parent/husband/house owner. The other half is just says 'Ahhhh, Screw it!'.
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Post Re: Hybrid Games Reply with quote
OldNoob wrote:
2- Cool down period- you cannot be revived until you count 3 ALOUD, to stop hit tanking.

I prefer the idea that the acting medic has to be in contact and count to 3 aloud to revive the player, rather than the tagged player having to count to 3 before they can be tagged back in. That way the medic can't just sit in cover, wait for the tagged person to be ready to be revived, and just lean out of cover and tap them back in. Confirming kills still just requires a quick tag from an opposition player.

Further rules that I've seen people use are that the acting medic must stand to heal, so can't hide behind the kneeling player, and/or the medic must use both hands to heal rather than one, so they can't return fire. This puts the medic in a more vulnerable position when healing. It's also a bit more realistic than the idea of a medic healing with a glancing touch while focussing fire on the enemy rather than their patient.

Personally I quite like this because it forces an even more tactical play style, because you can't just have 2 players operating together and quick tagging each other back in: ideally you need at least a third team mate operating with you to be able to provide covering fire while the acting medic heals. It also helps make impossible deadlocks, like the "seized room" strategy employed at various Bristol Blasts, much harder to sustain for long periods of time.

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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