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Kill the PM/President/Trump/Principal

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Kill the PM/President/Trump/Principal
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Post Kill the PM/President/Trump/Principal  Reply with quote
Outline: One team is the security detail, their job is to protect the principle in the "safe room." The other team(s) are terrorists/freedom fighters whose job it is to kill the principle.

Number of teams- Two minimum, 3 is possible if you want a mega gunfight, with two rival factions competing and trying to take out the principle.

Size of teams- Equal for two teams, security team should be larger for three teams. 1 person needs to be the "target" they are either unarmed or have a jolt.

Objective- Terrorists/freedom fighters must get 3 dart hits on the principle or one missile. Security team must hold the safe room for a set time or destroy the attackers. You can play spawn points with the security team respawning near the safe room or lockdown or kill confirmed rules, see my post on Hybrid Games.
Set the safe room somewhere defensible but NOT in a small dead end space. I let the security team set up the safe room whilst the other team wait out of sight. If in a park you can use wind breaks etc to make the safe room. Once the principle is set up (in the safe room but I have allowed decoys in the past!) they may not relocate.

Respawn Points: If using spawns put the terrorist spawn well away from the safe room and the security team point somewhere where it doesn't impede access to the safe room.

Winning- If the principle is shot 3 tines or one missile hits him/her/they then the terrorists/freedom fighters win. If the principle is still alive at the end of the game, the security team win.

Equipment needed: Space for safe room, clear team ID, chair for principle.

Big_Poppa_Nerf wrote:

Boff whats the damage? I have spent over 3 times my Nerf budget this month already. Part of me is trying to be a responsible parent/husband/house owner. The other half is just says 'Ahhhh, Screw it!'.
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I'm liking the idea of combining this with KC-style medic revives for the defenders and doing this in a decent sized building where the defending team are split into two separate parts: mobile defence and bodyguards.

Mobile defence players = 2 thirds of defenders:
Can go anywhere in the building except into the safe room

Bodyguard players = 1 third of defenders:
Are limited to staying in the safe room only

All attackers when tagged are forced to respawn at respawn point(s)

Attackers will have 2 separate points of defence to work through, unless they can work tactically to get around the first line of defence and overwhelm the safe room.

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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