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NextX Rival ammo review

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NextX Rival ammo review
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NextX rival ammo review.

Blaster used in testing: Modified Zeus (2S and 3S)

Size: Size and dimple patterning are very similar (if not identical) to official Nerf ammo.

Consistency: The balls themselves are relatively consistent in size and weight however occasionally you will find one which is significantly more compressible (I found 4 in my pack of 110).  

performance: *If only I had a chrony* All I could really judge these on was the trajectory they followed and their relative speed, I stacked my mag alternately with official and nextX. I would say they seem to follow a similar trajectory to their Nerf counterparts. I did have several jams when actually playing, upon further inspection the jammed round was always a really soft one. When these softer rounds fired they fall significantly shorter.  

Conclusion: Unless you are going to go through the bag in advance of your game and pick out any soft ammo then I would not recommend these for purchase. I was jamming approximately every 3rd mag, when I went through the bag after the game I found four very soft balls, so the two could possibly be related. My next purchase will be either the Hardball ammo or official rounds when they are next on sale on amazon.
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Curious. Your experience is the polar opposite to mine. NextX fired perfectly fine through a modified Zeus, yes the softer ones were ballistically inferior (a bit) but I've not had a stoppage with one. The Zeus just pulls them through the flywheels and spits them out.

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I had 14 out of 110 that were too soft, of which 7 were so soft as to be useless. You get what you pay for in QC terms and a 10-15% failure rate vs a 50% price cut is still just worth it. I always pick through my darts/HIR's before a game anyway. Agreed Hasbro are better, no chrono results though, as it's raining and my Hirricane fan is still broken.

Big_Poppa_Nerf wrote:

Boff whats the damage? I have spent over 3 times my Nerf budget this month already. Part of me is trying to be a responsible parent/husband/house owner. The other half is just says 'Ahhhh, Screw it!'.

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@Boff, I was finding that they were getting jammed between the roof of the feeding area and the end of that hook (for lack of a better term) that pulls them into the flywheels.

I suspect that their softness allowed for essentially one and a half balls to pass the gate, then one would go through and the other would jam the feeding hook.

I am aware though that this was an in game experience so trigger pulling speed could have been a contributing factor. That being said, never had that issue with HIRs.

Quick update, I contacted the seller on Amazon too tell them the ammo was too soft in some cases. They have told me they are speaking to the factory to put a process in place to stop this happening in the future and that they will send me a new bag of rounds (I didn't even ask!)

Can't argue with that customer service!


Well done! Fixed your double post. ON

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