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Recon Mk2- The Un****ing.

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Recon Mk2- The Un****ing.
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Nerf Addict

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I built myself a pump retaliator a while back with Gavinfuzzy's grip. Very nice but I didn't really like the look, so I treated myself to a Recon mk2 (also because I have a tacticoolz problem)

First observations are the ones you've heard before. Yes the performance is a little sub-par both as stock and with an OMW spring. And yes, the clip compatibility is ****ed. Both things are fixable though.

It is of course a Retaliator in a new hat. But, it's a pretty nice hat. The grip is big and comfy (despite being a modulus line and having some skeletoning, for me it's smooth where it counts and a little nicer than the retal), the handguard piece is well clear and will only restrict your grip if you have massive hands. The shell's a little taller and smoother, it feels more quality than the retal, though there does seem to be a little more flex in the plastic shell. I find it a little nicer in the hand than a retaliator but there's no great shocks.

Internally, there's some changes. The bolt sled/breech pin is plastic not steel, not sure this matters. It has what I think is a deprime button for clearing jams, which I've not messed with. The layout, locks etc are all retaliator.

There's 2 changes- the breech is slightly reshaped, apparently to reduce jams. I've not been able to demonstrate any improvement but then, I had no jam issues with the retaliator so maybe it's a fix for a problem other people have had but I don't. But, the big downside is they've added 2 blowholes to the breech- this seems to be where the performance has gone. You can probably fix this in various ways, more of this later.

Tacticools! It's a modulus so it comes with a barrel attachment and a stock. The barrel attachment is short, it works as intended but to be honest I've not found anything it looks good on including the recon. The stock is small but IMO very nice looking, I'll never use it in play but it's a good cosmetic addition.

Fixin'. Well, everything that works on a retaliator probably works on this. I've removed the locks, fitted an OMW spring, but that didn't recover the lost performance so I took a broken retaliator and swapped in the breech. I actually found that the whole breech and piston assembly is interchangable and I believe the bolt sled is too, though I didn't test that. I wanted to do the minimum changes so I just changed the breech. This made it perform identically to the donor retaliator, exactly as you'd expect. Good job there hasbro- it seems it's effectively a grey trigger version with deliberately neutered performance. I'm sure you can just block the holes though.

Fixing the magwell is just a case of removing a little material- I used a sturdy, sharp knife, others have used dremels etc but I didn't want the dust. Test all your mags! I got it working perfectly with all my Nerf and worker straight and banana clips, and an 18 and 35 drum, but it needed more work for the 25 drums and blasterparts clip. This is an easy job if kind of a pain in the bum. I understand this is now fixed with a rolling revision.

I've put a retaliator barrel on it and my gavinfuzzy pump, which work perfectly. The alignment may be a mm or so off, some say so anyway, I can't really tell- it works fine which is my only concern. The slots in the side of the blaster are fractionally narrower than the retaliator so there's a little drag but I'm just ignoring it- you could widen this but I'm letting it erode naturally. The slightly different shell shape gives it better lines along the top, IMO- I'm really pleased with the look. I might add a rail or reuse the original slide in some way but tbh I don't like how that usually looks on the retaliator. Still swithering about stocks, but it has a worker on it for now.

All in all; it's a broken retaliator reshell that you can fix. And I like it despite the flaws.
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Nerf Addict

Joined: 28 Dec 2014
Posts: 922
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Location: Edinburgh

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Borderline necro but it belongs together... I posted on Reddit but, confirmed that the performance drop comes entirely (or near as dammit) from the 2 holes in the breech. This is easy to fix- I plastic welded them up with a bit of broken shell off some other blaster, you could use any method suitable for blocking holes though. Electric tape is a bit borderline on clearance, I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyway, crono says now indistinguishable from a retaliator, stock or respring. It's still possible the cutaway breech is costing it a little power since it has a shorter effective barrel, but if it is, it's beneath a level that's detectable without a massive crono session, and certainly close enough that I don't care.

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