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ZHoM - 5 AAR

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ZHoM - 5 AAR
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The Dark Kitten
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And so i am home.
With tired legs and strained arms (not to mention the bruises) i am here to conclude what must be the best ZHoM yet!
So it all started with myself and one friend arriving at the park at about 12:00 ish. With little expectation of many arriving so a tad demoralized to say the least. Much to our expectations we had a total of four attendees : Taemu_touhi and Mr.Crane two awesome people then myself and my mate.

So in a little drissle we had a little chat, looked in awe at Crane's Larami SuperTech 9000 and walked over to the event area. It was the same area as the original three events minus some bushes that had been chopped down. For the four of us i wasn't sure if it was okay but i was soon to be proven wrong.

With the four of us i decided to go for some more "standard" game events not like the ZHoM BUZAN style HvZ we usually go for. In this we very quickly learnt how good Waffle tip darts are and infact how amazing retaliators have the potential to actually be. (not forgeting how wrecked we were from Taemu's stryfe). Games were quite short with the 3 live timers we held and actually was very interesting.

After a few small games disaster struck.....the sun came out...

And with that we all (minus crane) dropped the large coats and hoodies we'd been wearing and decided to make the most out of the heat we so suddenly had been given. We continued running games : PvP free for all and dabbled in a few zombie rounds but nothing too serious. And then in the sunlight i threw out a few of my 6 magazines for a bit of shits and giggles in this we discovered the yet to be officially named three shot only at one time thingy name (pattern pending) wherein at one time we are only allowed to carry three darts. This lead to many games of us enjoying ourselves poking out behind trees and debating whether getting into an engagement was worth the likely risk of you running out of darts and going back to hide and collect more. This with one lives adding interesting tactics we produced including the exclusivity of waffles seen as they to be honest with only three shots and each having to count it was only worth while taking note to have them loaded. In the first load of rounds we had our very first official ZHoM injury - Crane ran into a tree whilst rushing myself, me getting him out and also him tagging me. The injury being that he went smack into a tree (which was caught on camera  Twisted Evil, soon to be released for the public's enjoyment).

After quite a few games of this and an awful lot of enjoyment in the unexpected sun we packed up and headed back. This is where things took a turn for the worst. After passing the ice cream van we were met by a Park Security officer who pulled over Crane seen as he was the only one "armed". In all honesty i was shitting myself. A few words were passed wherein i'm sure Crane was worried about loosing his fancy Crimson Retal to this park officer. Much to our relief this guy despite our fears was just there for a chat and had quite bluntly told us his two kids would absolutely destroy us in a war and we took it as a challenge accepted. Details were passed on about the next event and we were let on our way with only smiles on our faces. We regrouped in the car park and marveled some more at the totally illegal Larami SuperTech 9000 that we were glad the warden didn't have his hands on. (as a side note this was left in Crane's car and never used in the games only really marveled at). And so we chatted more and departed.

I must reiterate this was an excellent war and must be one of the best i've ever run many thanks to all that came.

So it ends only to be replaced by the next Zhom in a months time
*cough cough* Saturday the 7th of may *cough cough*

footage is to be developed when i can be bothered but seen as i'm it should be done next week.


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Sounds like a great game, and a great potential for next time. With time, im sure you can get an amazing war running!

Wait, vikings didn't have flywheel?
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Considdering there was only the 4 of us, that was one of the best games I've been too!

I think we named the gametype '3 Shot Wonder' at the time! That was a really good laugh and I'd reccomend it to anyone as a good warmup game or for after a dart sweep when there are very few darts on the floor

I'm a little embarrased about running into that tree, caught me completley off guard!  Razz

The park warden wasnt too worrying, I think he just happened to be driving past as we were walking to the car park and spotted us!

Foamy bawls
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Superb - who says you need loads of players for a great war - well done you guys. Look forward to the video Smile


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The Dark Kitten wrote:
not forgeting how wrecked we were from Taemu's stryfe

Flywheel master race!

I suspect it was the initial rain that put people off, but the sun did eventually come out. Despite that, had some great games with just 4. Glad I decided to come to Manchester for ZHoM! Enjoyed myself immensely.

First time I have had a game in a park, usually restricted to a small lecture hall so was a good experience.
Hope to get more wars this year.

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