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"Get To Da Choppa!" HvZ survival/rescue

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"Get To Da Choppa!" HvZ survival/rescue
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Post "Get To Da Choppa!" HvZ survival/rescue  Reply with quote
A small group of humans in a fortified area have to survive a zombie horde for long enough to allow a rescue chopper to arrive and rescue them. Once the chopper has landed the human team must actually make it to the chopper!

1-4 humans, everyone else is an unarmed zombie (at least 1:4 H:Z ratio). Zombie speed is determined by game map size (slower for smaller maps)

Humans need to survive until the rescue team land, and then…. Get to da choppa!
Zombies are out to eat all da brainz!

Humans start with all ammo and blasters available. They’re gunna need it! Humans occupy fortified area at one end of game map. They cannot leave the fortified area until the rescue chopper has landed.

Zombies start from the other end of game map and advance on the fort. Zombies return to start point when hit, and if the game map is small, have to wait for set period of time before re-entering the map. To mix it up, hit zombies can respawn along the side of the game map, not just the far end; though no closer than the half way line.

Humans are turned when touched by a zombie (have infected humans head to initial zombie start point, rather than instant turn, because let’s face it, the remaining humans would kill the infected person and burn/decapitate the body before it could turn). Discard any ammo and blasters they were carrying where they are turned: it's lost to the humans.

After a set time (5/10/15 min) the chopper will land, but oh no…. it’s only landed at the other end of the game map, right in the heart of zombie territory! The humans can now leave the fort and run to the chopper to be rescued, shooting zombies along the way.

Announce that the chopper has landed by having an alarm sound at the predetermined time. Set a 2-3m square zone at the far end of the game map that represents the chopper.  Zombies cannot spawn within 10 paces of this chopper (because covering fire from the chopper crew, that’s why).

Humans must get inside this zone to be inside the chopper. Once in the chopper humans can still shoot at zombies, but can also be tagged by zombies – they’ll need to get 10 paces away from the chopper before they turn. Any ammo or blasters they were carrying are lost.

Humans need to be careful of their shots, because if they hit another human the human will be classed as killed and will spawn as another zombie in the zombie's starting area. They will need to drop any blasters/ammo they were carrying where they get shot, and other humans can pick this up.

Once all the humans are in the chopper someone must shout “all clear!” and the humans must survive a count of 20 seconds before the chopper takes off clear of the zombies. Humans can exit the chopper at any point, but once the “all clear!” call is given the 20 second count cannot be aborted: make sure you get back in the chopper!

Ammo types (optional):
* Standard darts force zombie respawn
* Mega darts and missiles force longer respawn times
* Sock grenades kill zombies if they hit a zombie (if they bounce off one zombie and hit more zombies before hitting the ground, then any zombie hit is also killed!) Only one grenade per human. Alternatively, one nominated person carries the entire supply of grenades, and only they can throw grenades (supply = total number of starting humans).

Winning the game:
The humans win if they get all the team safely into the chopper.
The zombies win if they turn everyone into a zombie.
The human team will kind of win if they get some of their team rescued.
You can always take it in turns to be the human team, and the team that wins is the team that rescues the highest number of people.

Additional rules (optional):

“Every Man Fr’imself!”
The humans don’t need to have all their surviving team members on board the chopper before calling “all clear!” As long as at least one person is in the chopper they can call “all clear” and start the 20 second count: ideal if someone has fallen behind/the first person on the chopper is a treacherous bugger. Humans can still get in the chopper during the count; just the same as zombies can still turn occupants of the chopper within this time.

“Quick, Dere Goez Our Lunch!”
Once the chopper has landed, the zombies are so determined to get their fill of the human brainz that if they’re hit they don’t have to respawn as normal; they are just stunned for a set time (2-5 seconds).

“Air Support”
If you’ve got a large starting zombie horde keep a blaster, like a drum-fed Rapidstrike or a Rhinofire, to one side. Once the call for the chopper landing has been made, the chopper will not actually be classed as having landed until a zombie is hit and forced to respawn. Once hit, this zombie player doesn't respawn, but will play the part of the chopper crew; laying down covering fire with the blaster that was set aside earlier. The human team cannot leave the fort until the chopper support player is standing in the designated chopper zone. The support cannot leave the chopper at any time.

“Where The Hell Is Our Rescue?”
The humans don’t know when the chopper will arrive!
The zombie team can decide before the game what time has to pass before the chopper arrives (be fair)
The time is secretly calculated as: number of humans x 4 = number of minutes that has to pass before the chopper arrives
The humans have to make a set number of hits before the chopper arrives. Zombie team decides this number, but doesn't tell the human team (again, be fair)
Roll a dice and multiply the result by 5 to give the total number of minutes that must pass before the chopper arrives (or multiply by 4 if only 1-2 starting humans)

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