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"Unhappy Campers" aka HvZ Domination

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"Unhappy Campers" aka HvZ Domination
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Post "Unhappy Campers" aka HvZ Domination  Reply with quote
Standard game of Domination (2 teams trying to hold the most objectives), with added zombies!

We played this game at BB9, and it has potential, but needs adjusting to suit the size of the venue and number of players. We found that the 5 zombies on the zombie team got really knackered, because they're active for the full 10 minutes of the game, and have a large area to cover. On the plus side, having mobile zombies does stop people camping on objectives, and stops the standard Domination game being won or lost on who gets to the objectives first - which was why I came up with this game!

Number of teams:
2 opposing human teams of roughly equal size
1 zombie team - anywhere from 1 lone zombie to half a dozen of the buggers

* 2 roughly equal human teams
* Several objectives - these may be coloured markers that can be flipped over to be be "claimed" by that colour, coloured pyramid timers counting up/down etc. The are placed around the game map, not too close to respawn points.
* Team respawn points

Time limit:
10 minutes, or until all the humans are eaten by zombies.

* 2 human teams try to capture and hold objectives. If a player is tagged by an enemy then they return to their respawn point.
* When tagged hold your blaster up in the air clearly; this gives you immunity from being tagged by zombies until you respawn.
* However, if you're tagged by a zombie in game, then you're dead and out of the game.
* Zombies tagged by players are stunned for 3 seconds, but then get 3 seconds immunity (adjust times as necessary based on player number, skill, venue size).

The wining team is the team who has the most objectives held at the end of the game (most markers turned to their colour, best combined time on timers), be that when the timer runs out, or when all humans are eaten.


No respawning immunity: when tagged and returning to respawn point you're not immune from zombies tagging you, but because you've been tagged by the enemy you can't fire at anyone until you respawn.

Infection: Players tagged by a zombie turn into a zombie! Start with just 1 OZ, and watch the horde grow!

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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Post Reply with quote
As one of the OZ's in this game, it was bloody hard as there was only 5 of us.

The game has potential but needs refining, as all newly created games do.

You cannot camp on the objective, this makes it interesting as a good strategic point on domination can win you the game.

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