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Keep up to date with the latest Britnerf news.
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For all things involving NERF.
Show off all of your hard work here.
Nerf Wars
Post a new Nerf war, or check to see if there are any in your local area.
Having trouble finding a Blaster? See if anyone is selling one here.
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New to the site? Have a question? Post it here.
Homemade Blasters
For all homemade blasters. Post designs, pictures and ideas for homemade guns here.
Off Topic
Nothing to do with Nerf, just something for people to post in when they get bored.
UK Blaster Reviews
For people to post reviews on blasters they have bought...
Chrono Data Forum
Mods and Blasters Performance Testing Figures
After Action Reports

Game Types

Battle of Britain 2017
A forum for all topics relating to the first BoB event.
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