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*********TARGET NOW SHIP TO THE UK*************

Now dont get too excited as postage and customs cost if 50 however this seams to be a flat rate

What use is that? do shipping to the UK for 16. Also duty is charged on goods and postage over 15, with 20% vat on the total. No way I would bother with any of the 2016 blasters at those rates.

I though the same, I want the new doom lands range but not for almost 60 per blaster

They've been shipping to the UK for a while now. It's how I got my Flipbow last October, but I'm sure I only paid about 45 shipping and duty included for it.
The Dark Kitten

Guys dont forget we'll have got them in the UK by the time  they arrive  Very Happy

Have to admit, I did just try to order a magnum superdrum, I need one of those... But they're not shipping that to teh UK at the moment.

Ha ha , snap!

I tried an hour ago.

The super drum will change my life 😊

If anyone's ordering from there, please pick me up the exclusive version of King of Tokyo. Not gonna pay that shipping myself though.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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