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So I'm not very good at keeping up with which motors are the best and stuff, so what are the motors listed in the catalogue currently generally accepted by the community as being like? I may be interested in finally moving away from barricade motors and investing in a couple if they're worthwhile... (I know this is a question, but it's related specifically to this purchasing opportunity and I don't often feel like doing anything any where near "cutting edge" performance wise! Enjoy it while it lasts!)

Black Rice are currently completely untested but anecdotal evidence from Tacticool Foam says they are dead killy. Basically a black pig style 2s 130. No different to Rhinos except a little more torque and twice the stall current. Nothing earth shattering.

64,000RPM @ 7.4V for the "Black Rice" motor is way too hot. For a single stage of flywheels you don't really want much above half that. The "OEM" motors are, if anything, worse as they list a 27,000RPM @ 3V (66,000RPM @ 7.4V). Their speed really suggests that they'd both be better as 1S motors really although, depending on their wind, they'd either produce comparatively little torque or demand much more current as is the problem with all 1S motors.

You'd be better off with either Rhinos or Hellcats IMO. If you must go 2S Honey Badgers will work (they're still too fast really but nowhere as bad as the above motors) but you'd be better off with Black Pigs for 130s or 3240s/XP180s for 180s - Wolverines draw so much current that you end up with a 2S pack as large if not larger than the 3S pack you'd need to power a pair of Hellcats anyway and they're too fast for current single stage setups to boot.

I don't believe any of the listed specs. Data sheet is wildly innacurate IMO. Agree stated spec is no good.


In the interests of keeping Kevs thread tidy, I moved this portion to a separate forum.

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