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As a complete noob when it comes to flywheels Im after some opinions on 180 motors. I'm looking to mod an incisor and fearless fire and by all accounts theres enough room to fit them without cutting the shell.

I've a pair of MTB Hellcats (thanks ON) that i was going to use in a rapidstrike but im now thinking they'll get more use in one of the above.

So.....what other options are there available and do you think 180s would be a better option than rhinos for example?

Help please 😕

Currently the main options when it comes to 180s are Hellcats, fk180sh-3240s (i.e. "Blade 180s") or Xtreme Production Pro 180s (XP180s - the aftermarket replacement for 3240s used in RC helicopters). Most of the above have their specs listed here

3240s on 2S were the original favourite but 3S Hellcats are now probably the best bang for the buck 180 motor. They were specced as a 3S motor which, in this case, allows them to produce significantly more torque than 3240s with a similar no-load speed and current draw. XP180s on 2S may well produce more torque than Hellcats on 3S, and may not even draw significantly more current in doing so thanks to the neo magnets, but there isn't much in the way of specs available for XP180s to confirm that. XP180s are, however, significantly more expensive and, unless you go for the longer shaft variant sold by BlasterTECH, have a habit of breaking static friction causing damage to the bore of the flywheels/worm gear (in the case of RS gearboxes) as the shaft spins within it. All of the above produce significantly more torque than Rhinos which reduces spin-up time before and between shots allowing for consistent velocities even at very high rates of fire.
The Dark Kitten

XP180's are top mark.
Otherwise known as Xtreme Pro 180's available from Blastertech
You have blade 180s or Mabuchi FK180SH-3240 which are available from ON
180 wise there isn't a large retriever as far as i am aware.
Please correct me if i'm wrong or there are more.


Blades and '3240s are the same motor.
daniel k

Are the "25000 rpm 6v" 180 motors on eBay blade motors?

Not quite although in terms of no-load speed they are similar. They may work well but you have to be careful buying cheap Chinese motors on eBay, they don't always perform as well as expected - reliability can be patchy aswell. Search "Blade 180 motor" or "CX2 motor" if you want genuine Blade 180s. The model numbers are EFLH1211 and EFLH1210 and they are basically Mabuchi fk180sh-3240 motors in E-Flite packaging. Back when you could buy 3240s minus the E-Flite components and markup they were pretty good value - now that the supply of bare 3240s has dried up you get much more for your money with Hellcats.
daniel k

OK, I found genuine ones due to a helpful britnerfer Very Happy you know who you are!

The cheap ones on ebay are horrific. I bought some but then was told there were bad after i had bought them. If they look to cheap just don't get em.

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