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18650 Battery Holder

My plan is to use Samsung INR 18650 25R Batteries (thanks to Torukmakto for pointing these cells out in his post) in a Keystone 18650 Battery Holder. I plan on soldering 16 AWG Silicone Hobby Wire and an XT-60 connector to the battery holder. I don't have the equipment to make my own packs so I am wondering if this is a viable alternative?

The battery holder is used in Vaping Mods so I am fairly confident in its current handling capabilities, but I am just wondering if there are any pitfalls I may have missed since I have not seen a Nerf mod run this 18650 battery holder.

I realize that it is more convenient and less expensive to simply use a LiPo pack in a Tri-Blade Rapidstrike, but I want to be able to leave the cells in the blaster (it is not good practice to leave LiPos in models as far as I am aware).
The Samsung INR Batteries are a more stable chemistry and in a more rigid container than LiPos which is important since not everyone is comfortable with LiPo volatility (which is a thing to be concerned about, but I feel is not as severe as YouTube makes it seem).
A Nitecore charger could be used (which makes switching from 14500 cells a bit easier since a LiPo charger would not be necessary).

I just used one of these in my rapid strike rewire because I
don't use the blaster enough to justify the faff of lipo.

Works for me - can't see your battery tray being that different. Can't comment on the battery choice though.

If the vapers are using this holder, then it might work decently. It has flat terminals, not coil springs, so is inherently better suited to high current use than most holders.

Luckily, someone measured the resistance of this particular 18650 battery holder.

So there should be 2.4 milliOhms per cell of resistance added by just the battery holder. I think that is acceptable?

For comparison, someone else measured the resistance of some LiPos . These measurements include wires and connectors.

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