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2016 review of the year

So its Hogmanay, time to look forward to the New Year but also to look back on the year gone by.

So how about a Britnerf review of the year.

What was your favourite war, what made it good? Venue, players, whatever.

What was your best blaster or mod (not necessarily a 2016 release just one youve used this year gone by)

Best nerfing moment of 2016?

No "worst" section, I dont do negatives 😊

any plans or thoughts for next year, feel free to include them too.

Happy New Year everyone when it comes 🎉

Best moment was when I shot Newport nerfer and someone was right next to him to tag him back in and before I ran back inside he fan fired his hammershot and tagged me.

I treated myself on a whim to a Lawbringer for my birthday this year, and I'm really glad I did. I can't wait to mod it (next year).

I loved the first Zone 74 war,  new venue and great players made this an epic war, but the Halloween special at Transgression was awesome, we need more fancy dress Nerf battles.

My shot of the year came just the other day, mr FDT's nephew took him out with a shot that went the full length of the sports hall. Was one of those shots that just seem to fly perfectly. Looked really cool as it flew. Who says you cant Nerf snipe.

Favorite bit of kit, probably the cycloneshock, both the rebarrelled and shotgun cylinder have been awesome for us.

Oh yeah, good shout about thoughts for next year too Fox , I'll edit the original post.

Favourite war, GuN1. For me that started my involvement with the Nerf community, and while it came at some cost and was far from perfect, it gave me the chance to meet a bunch of you.

Best mod, hard choice, I've done so many this year. The one that changed the way I play the most would be Bertha, so a huge thanks to OldNoob for making it for me.

Moment of the year, easy, Franksie and I taking on a corridor of teens at GuN11 with a rapidpistol each. Yeah, they didn't last long...

Player of the year, Dustybins dad. From being dragged along reluctantly to being one hell of team player, I'd happily have him on my team

Forum member of the year, Franksie. Arrived on the scene and got stuck straight in. Has run multiple successful group buys, has done several great mods, attended several wars across the country, and given me and others a kick up the arse with his "man up and start cutting" on discord.

Product of the year. Atch's 8 shot cylinder. Incredibly reliable, brilliantly printed.

Blaster of the year, Mastodon... so much fun!

Best war of the year was a father son war over the holidays, most the dads had never played at one of our wars so it was fun to see them experience the joy of nerfing and creating fond memories. The kids absolutely stomped team dad!

Best mod was after receiving a longshot for Christmas and having it shoot 200fps within an hour of owning it! Surprisingly my first longshot. Overpowered and extremely painful but epic.

Best piece of kit has to be the auto stryfe kit! Nothing like that machine gun cracking recoil to bring a smile to your face. The more practical best product would be the artifact cage, so hot right now.

Overall, an excellent year for Nerf! More about aftermarket developments and much less about toy company releases. The only blaster I even purchased was the re-shelled retaliator (recon mk2) everything about this blaster is cheaply made compared to the retaliator, boo hasbro.

Yep 2016 has been a fairly awesome year for me. Huge things happened in my personal life that have changed my life forever in huge amazing ways and Nerf has been a huge part also.

Getting to loads of wars has been great this year. Started off playing regular games at FDT in Edinburgh and then progressed to helping out refereeing to then progress to help host the FDT event in Glasgow. Also getting down to 3 Grim up Nerf wars over the year has been a huge highlight with some of my favourite moments and the chance to meet loads of you guys. Also playing as a whole family is great, myself, my other half and the three kids all playing in the same games has been great fun Very Happy The family that Nerfs together........

Favourite shot would have been at my first Grim up Nerf and as I was randomly firing shots across the carpark from my 5kg EAT I shot a huge angled shot into the air and a young man running across the carpark at the time ran right into a head shot, I can still see it in slow motion in my head.

Favourite moment/battle is another from Gun when myself and BGUK held the big corridor against some awesome Stryfe and rapidstrikes with our springer arsenal. We dug in with some cover and emptied blaster upon blaster of foam and then had to duck and take cover as we got sprayed back , the other guys ran out of ammo and fell back and we were just surrounded by empty blasters and darts Very Happy

Favourite blaster and mod has to be my double Lawbringer,  I love it and it works so well for me either at FDT skatepark night or at Grim up Nerf scenarios. Also in love with my Atch Attachments 8 shot pistols, they are a solid part of my load out now.

Plans for next year, more of the same. Hopefully get to more events, hopefully take in some others further a field and meet more of you guys. More mods, more painting and taking my Monkeytron stall to loads of comic cons, going to be a big year, fingers crossed.

Have a good one guys, all the best when it comes.


bigal123 wrote:
Favourite moment/battle is another from Gun when myself and BGUK held the big corridor against some awesome Stryfe and rapidstrikes with our springer arsenal. We dug in with some cover and emptied blaster upon blaster of foam and then had to duck and take cover as we got sprayed back , the other guys ran out of ammo and fell back and we were just surrounded by empty blasters and darts Very Happy

I'd forgotten about that. It was TBR and Dazzle trying to breach thru the doorway. I used everything, every clip, every dart in my dump pouch, mega blasters, vortex blasters...
There was literally darts and discarded blasters EVERYWHERE!

Yes and how could I forget the great rapid pistol slaughter of the younglings Very Happy My son still goes on about that and how much it stung, I think he copped a few from Franksie right in the chest Very Happy It's character building.

No adults were harmed in the clearing of said corridor 😂

2016 has been one to forget for me on a personal level but it has had some pluses.
Towards the end of August needing to find a new hobby to keep me occupied then stumbled across this site and felt instantly welcome.
I picked up my first blaster at the beginning of September and attended my first and only war to date the following week.
Since then I've made a few friends, bought a few blasters and even finished my first mod.
Hope 2017 brings lots more wars for me and plenty of fun modding the blasters I have as well as meeting more of the great people in this community.
On a personal note I'd like to thank those who have helped me through a tough few months by chatting and keeping my mind occupied.
Hope you all enjoy your new years celebrations and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the course of the year.

My favourate Nerf moments of 2016 were Bristol blast 3 taking along the newly modded Deluxe Stormtrooper blaster. I did get ribbed for bringing a gun that is renowned for not firing straight thoughout the entire galaxy, although I quickly proved this was not the case.

In a later game however I slam fired 10 shots like a newbie and missed every one at two of the guys who had been chuckling at me earlier.

Luckily the two guys I was shooting were also out, and rolling up laughing at my terrible aim

I then pulled out the newly modded hammer shot - pew! pew! ...

Twisted Evil

Oh that and one of the younger player on the opposite team getting more and more overexcited each round shouting flankers! look out a bunch of flankers! LOOK FLANKERS! OMG you are all  FLANKERS!

Was a great year for nerfing in general!

I'd have to say that as this has been my first year "nerfing", it has been far busier than I had ever planned it to be.  Continue Bristol Blast after Tom, Boff and Kevin set up the first one with Luke, Dave, Pete and Jay has to be the highlight for me... that and the epic headshot in BB4 to persons unknown.

Favourite mod... has to be the learning curve, rather than any one mod... from springer internals to re-wiring my first RapidStrike to learning how to hydro-dipping.  It's been brilliant.

Plans for the new year... sorting out Bristol Blast (of course), but personally I have my Hammershot to make special, as well as a Mastodon rewire and I have something special planned for a battered stryfe that needed a good home.

It has indeed been a good year for nerfing.

2016 was a great year for me as much from a playing as from organising.

What was your favourite war, what made it good?

FDT @ Zone 74 2 in August. This was the first time in over 3.5 years of running wars that I joined in from start to finish. People who regularly take part in wars won't appreciate what that was like as they typically won't be organising the war, but to see the whole thing from the player point of view for the first time was amazing for me. I try and come up with ideas, and customer service, that I think players will want but never got or took the chance to test out myself. My aim now is to take part in an FDT Transgression Park event in 2017 Wink

What was your best blaster or mod (not necessarily a 2016 release just one you've used this year gone by)

Since I'm not a modder (yet) I either use blasters someone else has modded or just run stock. I've had a few RSs that I always thought would be awesome but they just don't have the range of a decent modded springer. The most fun I had with a blaster was the stock Triad. It packs a punch and as a secondary/zombie masher I couldn't fault it.

Best nerfing moment of 2016?

This wasn't a war but was my trip to Leeds. To meet up with The Works skate park and Justajolt, and break new ground by agreeing to take FDT over the border was a great feeling, similar to when I ran my first war back in Feb 2013. Really looking forward to 4th March 2017 to see what we can do Smile

Plans for 2017

Apart from breaking into Leeds I'm also in chats with other areas of the UK and Ireland. I'm also making it my aim this year to run a war in an unusual venue. I've wanted to for ages but I finally have been making some progress on this.

I also want to take part in more wars and try a few mods. It's all about time though and FDT takes up a lot of my spare time. And an attic Nerf clear out is on the cards - I have so much stuff up there that I need to go through!  

All the best to everyone for 2017 Smile

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