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2016's Best Blasters!

It's nearly the end of the year now and I was musing on all the Nerf guns we got this year from Hasbro. And it got me thinking: what was the best blaster that Nerf pumped out this year?

I've set up this topic so you can gush about the any of blasters that came out this year that you've taken a particular shine to. It can be any blaster from any series as long as it came out in 2016.

A word of advice before you respond to this post: the blaster you choose doesn't have to be the most 'efficent' or the 'biggest' blaster: it can be the one you have the most affection for as well!

For example, the blaster that I, personally, liked the most would have to be the Mega Mastodon. I've always been a sucker for big guns and this one is no exception. Large rotating drum? Nice. Massive body/shell with a chainsaw grip on the top? Great. The first Mega blaster to be 100% fully automatic? AWESOME.

I would of added a poll, but alas, so many blasters came out this year that I can't make one Confused .But regardless, leave your thoughts below Smile

P.S Also, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Hyperfire gets better as the price drops...

I also have a small soft spot for the Incisor (space badger).


... wait.. . Alphahawk!  I'm gonna cut it so bad I have no need to know it's performance!

I'm leaning towards the dual-strike for it's simplicity, usability and modability.

That being said I spotted a few Nerf blasters I'd not even known about when checking what came out this year and the non Nerf brands have had some solid entries, especially dart zone.

I've not bought many of the 2016 blasters, but based on the sheer enjoyment when used, the Mega Mastodon wins hands down

So the only 2016 blaster I've used is the Incisor  (space badger) its a big daft lump but I love it.

I did get a tip off that santa may have a double dealer and DZ magnum superdrum for me and the girls have the corner sight and lumanate on their lists so hopefully we'll report back boxing day.

I would have to say the hyperfire was the only one I was tempted to purchase just because I like the cosmetics mostly.

I haven't got to use many of the 2016 blasters. The tri-strike attachments are very fun, so that is likely my favorite.
I have a soft spot for the elite Stratobow as a one of the few if only casual war practical bows - although i have never used one.
the Desolator and Hyperfire are good primaries but don't offer much we didn't already have.

Mastodon for me, it's just... glorious.
I really like the Hyperfire too, mine is just packhacked but I still prefer it to my 180'd rapidstrike and stryfe. I mean, it's obviously, undeniably worse but I just prefer using it.

(this is an obscure reference but it's a bit like my fatbike; I have a proper mountain bike which is better at essentially everything, and a fatbike which I like riding because it's really bad at all the things the other bike is great at)

TBH it's been a really good year, not for top end performance but tons of fun, interesting blasters.

Probably the Mastodon for me too, huge and fun but unfortunately I don't own one only had a brief shot of BGUK's one at GUN.  Does the sentinel count? I like that a lot, love the ratchet prime and it's good to go out the box. Also enjoyed the hyperfire but I don't really like using full autos so only really messed about with it at home a little but best one I own probably the Tri strike.  Like the attachments and the slam fire addition and I do love my springers Very Happy

I'm going to nominate the Apollo. Technically not a 2016 blaster but only 'discovered' by me in 2016. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it but loading a mag in the grip is just ace fun.

If I had to pick a 2016 blaster then the khaos does it for me - especially now it has a battery pack from Hasbro. Now if only you could get spare mags...... (Although what I really want for it is an insert that fits in the magwell that lets me add and remove my 7/12 round mags at will)

a fatbike which I like riding because it's really bad at all the things the other bike is great at

I wish more fatbike riders were this honest, rather than trying to justify their poor life choices (well, bike choices) as somehow being better than the established norm.

I mean, I really like the Centurion. It's not a great blaster, and is a shit blaster compared to the rest of the field, and modding it has been a ballache so far. But it still puts a big shit-eating grin on my face every time I get that "thunk" recoil and send a big red dart whistling down the hallway at home!

Centurion is such a fatblaster  Laughing

Not had a chance to use many of the 2016 blasters but the one that stands out for me and the one I'd like to own the most has to be the mastodon. (Would like to see if I can make it a bit smaller so can one hand wield it)

I quite like the hyperfire, more so now I have modified the one i own, with Hellcat's and a ally cage.
The mastodon looks loads of fun, would love to open one up and see what could be done modding wise!!!!!

I would say Nerf Artemis .. but it apparently isn't out yet! 11 days to go!

Only bought one blaster this year out of the 2016 line, the Buzzbee reaper, its a blaster I've wanted for a while due to my lack of spring based primary (the last game in London taught me a thing or two about wet darts and flywheels). All in all it pretty much met my expectation and I'm looking forward to running it next year.
I have also liked the look of the Mastodon and Khaos both look pretty fun though I can't justify paying the price tag as a student.

I've not been that taken with many of the 2016 blasters. The Boy-child had a Dual-strike which I thought was an excellent blaster, but I'm going to put my vote in for the humble Recon MKII.

It's not my favourite blaster by a long way, largely because I don't really like top-slide priming, but I bought one because it was cheap in Tesco and looked like it had excellent cosmetic mod potential. I was pleasantly surprised by it overall: decent performance (well, on par), looks good, seems fairly reliable (much more so than the original Recon). Not my favourite, but probably the one that has most exceeded my expectations.

Of course, the stock is awful unless you're 2'8".

I love my recon 2 tbh, it's got a gavinfuzzy pump on it and an omw 7kg spring, which helps  Laughing I mean, it's just a retaliator with a new suit but that's OK, it's a really nice suit.

Think it's officially a 2015 blaster though

Northwind wrote:
Think it's officially a 2015 blaster though

It's listed as 2016 in the Nerf.wikia link above, but until I read that I also thought it was 2015, so maybe we're right and the wikia is wrong.

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