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2nd Mod to my Retaliator

So this is my 2nd "official" mod to my beloved Retaliator.  The first you might be able to see in the terrible picture (if I can get it added or the link to work), this was my attempt at reinforcing the retaining posts for the plunger tub with epoxy.  A bit messy, but does the trick.  Whilst researching the types of things I could do to my blaster (I've gone for the beginners guide to mod's and am still impatiently waiting for OMW to deliver Stage 1 and Stage 2 for it), I read that the posts can become damaged over time.  So, before I put some real mileage on this thing I thought I'd reinforce sooner rather than later.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my 2nd mod.  My blaster felt quite light weight in hand.  I intend to use the Retaliator without the barrel attachment, and am undecided on the stock at present.  This got me to thinking about how I could add a little weight to the gun to make it feel more robust.

I settled on gluing several lead fishing weights into the various internal "gaps".  I have a fishing shop about 45 seconds walk from my house, and picked up 2 x 1 oz and 1 x 4 oz weights for £3 - bargain.  After using a pair of heavy duty pliers to cut about 1 cm off the top of the 4 oz, I glued them into place using a hot glue gun - first time using one since school, that was an experience!

So after the glue cooled I popped it all back together and now it feels much better in hand.  I may have over-egged it, as I'm new and enthusiastic, perhaps 1 x 1 oz and either a 2 or 3 oz one would have done the trick.  But hey, if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing!

Next on my list include installing previously mentioned kits, mucking about with the breech / plunger relief (if necessary) and trying to put a decent paint job on it.

If anyone has any interesting idea's for what else I could do with it or any insights to share with a modding noob, then please drop a comment.

There is a good ballasting product called liquid gravity which is used in aero modelling that can do a great job at weight redistribution. I have never heard that about the posts.
My test data showed a drop in performance from the Stage 2 bolt vs the stock Retal one. The bolt in S2 was necessary to seal with the sealed breech in S3, it's not really needed. Likewise the plunger and metal trigger are not a requirement. All the power comes from the spring. Look out for casting residue on the metal parts, especially the catch. Any roughness or mound lines should be removed with a needle file then the surface cleaned up with fine emery cloth or 400 grit wet n dry sand paper. The stock plastic catch on the Retal is good for 10kg.

I'll check that out. I think the post issue was after upgrading the spring to something ridiculous, but a bit of epoxy now show hopefully prolong the life of the posts. I should mention that I'm not sticking a monster spring in it, just a 5kg one.

5kg is nothing rediculous. Mine is holding up fine under 7.

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