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3 blaster

So, my mate that partners with me in our brewery kept banging on about how he could beat me in a Nerf war, now he's a bit of a gamer but that's all computer simulation, he's no real combat trigger time so I agreed to the challenge.

We set it up in a format very loosely based on the target shooting sport "3 gun", where you run a primary, shotgun and pistol.
Rules were you had ten lives. Lose one for a body hit and two for a head shot.

I did stitch him up slightly as I gave him all stock blasters 😈

I had a couple of IMR'S in the incisor, the cycloneshock spam cannon and the rebarrelled big shock, against his elite range.

Great fun , diving in and out around our brew kit and casks and he provided just enough of a challenge to keep things fun 😉

There wasn't a lot in it between us with our primaries but i hit him every shot with the shotgun cycloneshock, he did get me a few good uns with the roughcut but in the end he got absolutely rekt with the coup de gras being administered with the big shock, a nice neck welt then a lip shot had him raising the white flag 😂

Just for clarification we're both big boys and used eye pro 😎

Anyway in no way is this meant to be serious but if you were to run a 3 blaster system, what would you go for ??


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Easy choices for me.

Primary: Bertha... high power, high accuracy, good RoF. I'm not sure if you imposed a clip limit, so it was a choice between this and my rapid pistol, but in the end, I think Bertha is more versatile.

Shotgun: Sledgefire. 6 of the standard 3 round shells, plus the mega firing shells and the singled shell makes this a hugely versatile blaster fore, and in recent months has almost become my primary for kids games. As I was saying on the chat last night, the more I use it, the quicker and more accurate I get with it.

Pistol: Hammershot. With the Atch 8 shot, I know of its going to rotate and fire reliably, and while it's not the most accurate or the most range, keeping it primed in a drop leg holster means it's always ready to grab for a quick shot.

Interesting thought exercise, because that's my standard loadout, but I had to ponder whether a dart hose like Daredevil, or a pyragon would be better given the arena.

Primary: Elite Alpha Trooper and a stack of 18 dart mags.
Pistol: Mega Cycloneshock rebarreled for elites, or possibly a 5x5. All other things being equal the Cycloneshock is the better blaster, and would definitely be my choice in a pistols-only round, but the 5x5 functions better as a pistol: it's smaller, lighter, sits easily in a holster, and can be shot one-handed, so as a true tertiary weapon would probably be my choice.
Shotgun: I know I should say Roughcut, but dammit, I do love the Vagabond (assuming we're talking about shotgun-style blasters rather than blasters shooting multiple rounds).

If it looks like a shotgun or functions like one thats good enough, theres limited choice other wise.

Sounds like a good afternoon - You'll need to tell me more about this brewery next weekend

Anyway, my choices;

Primary - Rabid Red (Modified Rebelle Rapid Red with an awesome paint job by Big Al OTP)

Shotgun - Cyclone shot with the worker inserts to take Elites

Pistol - First Order Stormtrooper blaster (as its the only pistol I have)

I don't own a shotgun but this would be my excuse to get a sledge fire - I'd run it with a rhino stryfe and my 7 shot Hammershot with 12 mm of Hepworth pipe

Rayven w Barricade motors, Barricade and wrist mounted swarmfire!
daniel k

Pyragon, sledgefire and minimized swarmfire.

Primary: BSUK upgraded EAT
Shotgun: Magnoshot - literally just made this name up as im typing this - its my Magnetic holster Roughcut
Pistol: Modded 4victory - hoping to brass this in the near future

Off the top of my head, as I don't get to play very often!

Primary: BSUK upgraded EAT
Shotgun: Zombie Slingfire, ON modded Oznerfnerd 7Kg Spring Kit (this is a shotgun, right?)
Pistol: Triad (stock)
The Dark Kitten

Here we go:

Primary - Gavins Pump Retal 5kg / will soon be an Artifact LS
Shotgun - SledgeFire Singled (I load 3 into the new breech)
Secondary - I dont have time for them!

Primary, shotgun, pistol, huh?

Well, here goes:
Primary: Stryfe with Raider stock(3S LiPo, Worker Flywheels, MTB Rhinos, flat battery tray cover and 1000mAh pack) on a QR sling
Shotgun: Pass
Pistol: Stryfe (3S LiPo, Worker Flywheels, MTB Rhinos, flat battery tray cover and 1000mAh pack) in a MkIV holster

Did I miss the point? Razz
daniel k

Boff wrote:

Shotgun: Stryfe (3S LiPo, Worker Flywheels, MTB Rhinos, flat battery tray cover and 1000mAh pack) in a MkIV holster

Fixed that annoying typo for you Very Happy. Who needs a shotgun (#barrelbreak4life) when you have a stryfe?

I love these types of posts... makes you think about things from a different angle.

Primary: The Kraken - Pump Action Retaliator with OMW 7kg spring and Raider Stock
Shotgun: Nope... I'll take an extra pistol please Smile
Pistol 1: Hammershot
Pistol 2: Firestrike (for emergencies)

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