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3 Generations of Metal Handles

I'm a nerd and this interests me but I found the first generation of UKNW's 25mm metal priming handles hiding in the bottom of one of my many piles of Nerf stuff.

From left to right, Generation 1 to Generation 3. Generation 1 was much wider than the current offerings which was great for handling, not so great for slinging.

Generation 2 isn't knurled like the other versions which looks pretty but it's a bit of a bugger in the damp with dust, dirt and grime. We have these in circulation with a number of bolt action kits at Green Cloaks.

And then there's Generation 3, the current version for sale by contacting UKNerfWar. They're a touch lighter than previous generations (to my hands) but they're knurled and screw on to an M5 thread just fine.

There were also a set of 15mm variants once produced. I can't find the set we had here but they are on the blog.

I figure UKNW's going to come along and put my numbering scheme out of whack but these generations are based on sales. I'm a happy customer of all 3 and would recommend the most recent ones to anyone who wants a touch of something different for their Longshot, Tri-strike or Longstrike. They'll also fit the Centurion and they're supplied with the bolt action kit from the company.

Thank you for joining me on this pointless nostalgic tour down memory lane, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm going back to filming fitting videos... Very Happy

I had forgotten how massive the early version was.

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