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360 video

Following on from BGUK's thread about footage a couple of weeks back I came across this video,

Not the best Nerf video I've seen but I can see potential in it. Best viewed on a mobile device, this could be so much fun, I can picture it slap bang in the middle of a skatepark war, it would make some great footage Very Happy

So... it that actually recording a full 360 degrees???
Welsh Mullet

I've seen the LG 360 cam online... might get it if I decide to invest that much in a camera. Do you see 360 head mounted working, or as purely a static thing?

Rubbish content but the technology is incredible....

Think I fancy a 3d viewer/cardboard for phone.

I spend a good chunk of time at work with one of these on my head so I can say with some confidence that VR headsets are pretty cool Smile I've also had experience creating 360 video (all based on 3D content not from a video camera and it's a bugger to work with due to the need for massive file sizes. To get decent quality 360 video you really need to create in 4K.

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