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3D Design software

Can anyone recommend 3D design software please? I have very limited experience with CAD  (electrical layout drawings for work) but would like to have a go at designing some parts in the hope of being able to contribute them to the community at some point. Ideally I'm looking for freeware or a trial version to begin with that's easy(ish) to learn but happy to get something more advanced once my ability warrants it.

Start with Google Sketchup if you want to learn the basics free. There's lots of online tutorials. Be aware that creating the model and creating a product that can be printed are two distinct things.

I use auto desk inventor which you can down load free if you are a student

I believe they do another piece of software called "Fusion 360" this is free to hobbyists.;td=aexfusion&mkwid=s2ExtPubU|pcrid|138353530711|pkw|autodesk%20fusion%20360%20student|pmt|b|pdv|c|&gclid=CjwKEAjwgo6_BRC32q6_5s2R-R8SJAB7hTG-dAl2o9JJ_of4zjMLtswOC7LOhntNYkG-U355Efe4XxoCcdbw_wcB

Thanks guys, I know it's going to be a while until I'm at the stage where I can design usable /printable models but hoping to get there as soon as possible to help out.

Sketchup is a great bit of spftware and is used by an awful lot of industries. A fantastic place to start mucking about with CAD.

Pro Tip. Make your design big and then scale it back when you're finished. Sketchup was designed for architects so it gets confused with really small details. I usually draw stuff 100:1 to make the maths easier.

I use sketchup to do all my 3d work.  Make sure you make the model settings to be the right level of accuracy.  I set it to 0.1mm.  

If you are planning on creating files for the 3d printing, download the stl exporter plug in.  Also the stl files it creates are often not right.  This website fixes all the issues  Upload the file it fixes the problems and then you can download it 30secs later!

Look at "on shape" aswell. The YouTube channel makers muse, has some demonstrations of it and also is just a great knowledge bank for this whole hobby.

If any one needs anything done in 3D, let me know - its what i do for a living Smile

If any one needs anything done in 3D, let me know - its what i do for a living Smile

What software do you use? What's your line of work?

I'm a 3d Visualiser - i build environments for simluators, arch viz, animated training media.Basically, i make/model whatever i get asked to. As a freelancer, it coukd be anything!  Last one was a bicycle  for a vodka company, and before that components for a false ceiling company.

My weapon of choice is 3D Max

See here  for lots of old bits and bobs

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