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3d printed hammershot barrel

At the first Grim Up Nerf event, old_man_nerf showed me a 3d printed mag release. Later when we started planning the second event, he shared the files with me, and Gordy suggested using 3dhubs as a printing service. So I took a baby step, and got a gavinfuzzy mag release lever for my demolisher. It was cheap, fast, and worked well.

So, having seen the various vids about the Hammershot 7 shot barrel, I decided that was my next project. Luckily the files are available on thingiverse for free. There's multiple versions on there. I got the barrel bit from th latest file, which has a comment of tighter barrel fit. And the peg and twisty bit came from an older set of files that also contained a barrel.

I used 3dhubs again, and while I could have done it cheaper locally, I went with the same hub I used previously, as he got the point about the mag release needing strength, and his reviews are brill.

The print itself took about 2 days compared to 2 hours for th mag release. The bloke who runs the hub has said that the fin piece was a nightmare, and in hindsight he'd do it at 100 micron rather than 200.

After a nightmare with royal mail... 4 days for a next day item! It arived today, so while the kids ate tea, I fit it...

It went in a dream, until the first fire... the barrel pushed forward with the shot, and then the rotation didn't work on the next prime. I fixed this by getting the spiral bit from a notepad, tightening the coils around a screwdriver to make it narrower, until I effectively had a spring to site inside the central of the barrel. Now when it pushes forward after a shot, the 'spring' pushes it back enough.

Next problem was the AR... the barrels didn't seem to be engaging it properly, so I took it out. Next issue is the barrel tightness. Elite darts are fine, used koosh are fine, but new koosh, a bit too tight, they fire, but not with the oomph of the others.

All in all, i'm very pleased with it. Worked out at just over 25 and I used the Steelmans hub in leicester.


That's a cool pice of kit and a good review! Can't wait to see t next week when Nerf gets grim again!

Sounds like you had exactly the same problems I had with mine.I still haven't sorted mine. Thought it would rectify itself but it has not.

Where exactly did you out your homemade spring?

I put it in the Inner tube, so it sits between the fin piece and the peg when assembled. I'm not convinced it makes much difference, but the normal barrel has a spring there...

Real world performance will have to wait until next week, but from plinking around at home, I can't say I noticed th extra 2 shots... it's strange Hammershot, you can fire it that quick that you run out of ammo without realizing!

I have a $10 off voucher for 3dhubs, valid once you spend $25, so valid on all the bits for this if people want it?

Sadly I'm not going to get a chance to play around and try and fix it till Monday. When I last forgot out mine were not rotating more often then not. And I also thought I had lots quite a bit of power. I also removed the AR or else it just would not fire. If I can sort the rotating problem I might be happier.

Glad you managed to get that printed ok.  I've heard it's a total pain to get right. is great for anyone without a 3d printer.  It finds local people who will print it for you you.  It's very cheap, I think from memory mag release levers are 4 ish for one and then extra ones are next to nothing.  As mostly for small objects it's the start up fee that is the largest part of the cost.  I just ordered 2 pairs of rapidstrike and 2 pairs of stryfe mag releases for 6.50 for example.

The only problem with hubs is that they take no account of printer variables when they make your stuff. I would rather pay a bit more for non cosmetic parts and get precise fit than hub it and get whatever comes off the printer. They are fine for cosmetic things though.
I have an Outofdarts 7 shot cylinder coming, its size for Koosh so I will tell you how it performs. Jodocast has a sick one all designed too.

I've managed to sort my problems with rotation, forgot to put back a piece from the original cylinder that doesn't need changing for the 7 dart one. Oops.

However since I have had to remove the ARs to get it to work, I seem to have lost a fair amount of power. Have you had this same problem Blindgeek?

Nope, but i'm using the original hammershot spring, with a triad spring added.  I tried upgrading to the bsuk triad spring, but was finding that while it had serious oomph, it was taking ages for the plunger/prime to reset to normal position - might have been a byproduct of the AR still being in - will try again when my next BSUK order arrives in a couple of weeks

Ah ok. I have the BlasterParts full metal kit in mine, so I don't see why that would make a difference to yours. I am fearful I have opened up the end of the plunger too much when I removed the AR.
You didn't happen take a picture after removing the AR did you?

I'll grab a pic tonight if I get chance

Cheers. I am thinking I may need to close the hole a little bit as I might be losing some air around the edges.
It could be that I have mixed up cheap darts with decent ones....

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