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3rd Time Lucky - Tactical Training Day

After the 2nd attempt was a wash out due to low numbers and rubbish weather.  Lets try this again (for the last time... if it doesn't happen this time I give up, I'll pour my time and energy into another project).

Details will be firmed up, but I imagine it'll be something like this:

The Downs, Bristol, BS9 1FG... Meet opposite the Water Tower in the Bus Shelter.
Parking is free on Ladies Mile apparently.
Here's Boffs link from the last time this venue was used

Time 12.30pm til whenever it ends

As for dates, I've put a new poll up with a bunch of dates and made it multi option.

Get your votes in by 19th June.

All those intending to come along please comment what dates you've voted for so we know who to expect.  I'll confirm the Sat or Sun date shortly.

War Gear
Radios if you got them
Crappy old Nerf darts that don't matter if they get lost

Don't forget to eat beforehand, or make sure to bring food and drink with you - refreshments wont be provided, so you're fending for yourselves.

I can't do the first weekend of July on account of it being GC3. The other weekends are up for discussion. Smile

The issue is that we are past BoB for most of those dates, negating a lot of the benefit.

I disagree. An afternoon of me teaching isn't something to be sniffed at (not to blow my own trumpet Razz) and will be handy for whatever you play. I'm free this weekend if people want to do a last minute thing but beyond that I'm stacked up until past BoB.

That's part of the issue... low numbers last time, we are not likely to get enough people by this weekend.  The following weekend is BB10, after that it's one weekend until BoB.  Which kind of limits us, but I said before that I think this is worth doing, even if it's after BoB.

If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.  If people aren't willing to make the effort to come along perhaps it's not something for the majority, just us minority of nutbars (meant in the nicest way Smile).

Agreed. Worst case is I can start offering lessons during BB events. Razz

Happy to come.

Also we are regularly on the downs shooting Nerf darts.

Could always make it a regular thing and happy to help out.

I would like to attend this, however....all these dates suck.

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