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4Victory Upgrade Suggestions

i know this is necroing but my recent good deed to the community in buying up demolisher missiles gives me immunity.

While at the Corby Argos liquidation centre i picked up a 4victory and wow im surprised by the pop that thing has - maybe the reason the had 7 million of them going so cheap is that the girlys weren't keen on getting smashed by a dart at that velocity!

Anyways after meeting some of the guys at DSS2 i realised i need to up my spring / barrel game in my side arms as my NF looked whimpy in comparison.

So what mad spring / barrel combos have people done to the 4victory?


Topic split and moved, this warrants a whole new topic. And no, there's no such thing as immunity from the CoC no matter what you do. Thanks. -Boff


None yet - its a really strange shape/length that i've yet to find anything similar with - Blasterparts do one if you want to risk it, but I already find the prime on it a bit tough

Yep it is a bit stiff
ill try crack it open and see if anything i have fits

Don't bother with an upgrade spring for the 4vic, I am sure it has something like a 10kg Spring in it stock. I just put a spring compressor in it.

I gotta vouch for that thing, the spring is a god damned beast. I'm not even sure if you can put a spacer on it.

But if you can, try to get an aftermarket hammer. Not sure if it'll fit, especially ones designed for the hammershot, but you'll want it for an easier prime.

I have successfully put a spacer in the 4vic, it was really difficult to do though.

How does it prime with the spacer? Still ok,
They're a punchy little pistol for sure.

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