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7 shot Hammershot, Finally Fixed!

A while ago I invested in a 7 shot cylninder for my hammershot, via 3dhubs, and made a topic about it here:

I've had a quite a few wars experience with the kit, and had noticed a massive drop in performance, regardless of what spring was used, and was still having major issues with the rotation.

So, the issues i've had, and the steps to fix:

Tight fit on new koosh - this was occuring on about 4 out of the 7 barrels, with brand new out of the packet koosh literally staying put and not budging. I resolved it by wrapping some sandpaper around a thick kids paintbrush handdle and sanding the inside of each barrel. Net result, 6 out of the 7 fire great, and one fires slightly sub par.

Spring strength - I tried stock, worker, triad+stock, triad+worker, bsuk triad, blasterparts... Performance was poor on all of them. Turns out though, the spring wasn't the issue...

Damaged seal - my seal on the front, between the cylinder and plunger assembly was pulled away, torn etc... I patched up the remains using some craft glue, and it pulled away again within days. Repaired again with a combination of superglue and foam glue. And it seems to be holding up well, and things are firing with the strength i'd expect. I also reduced the home made spring i'd put in the front, so the barrel isn't been pressed into that seal so much.

Rotation - I thought I was being really clever by trying to sand the fins to make them smoother for the action to slide against. All I ended up doing was screwing this mechanism up beyond repair. I ordered a new spinner part, this time in resin, and 50 micron, and it came in clear resin. Looks beatiful, and works every time.

So, its currently running a Blasterparts spring + metal kit, no AR and 7 shot cylinder that rotates reliably.

If I want more oomph from it, all I need to do is hold the cylinder back against the seal as I fire, and it makes a noticable difference

Next step? If I could justify the shipping cost, then these:

So, what kind of ranges are you getting from it? 17 shipping for a part that small! The best way to get that grip is to do a group order from him or buy multiple items, I have something I would like from him...

I'll bung it thru the chrono on the 11th, but it hits the door down the long corridor at home with a satisfying thump so around 70fps at a guess

Yeah Hawki007's etsy shop is not cheap. I want the flared magwell and handles, but it'll have to wait until next month

Thanks for this update.

I have still been having trouble with my rotation and I figured out the only solution was to reprint the part in better quality. Glad it's worked do you.

My full metal kit is getting an average of 87fps.

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