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I appreciate this is a little bit of a necro, however!

Found this..


This would have been better as a new topic to avoid necro-ing the old one and since it was only tangentially related to the original. -Boff



I'm not getting any better at this!

It's not hard, if you get the "this thread is old" auto message, you are raising the dead. Cancel and write a new topic. If there are reasons why reading codes of conduct or the auto message or forum headings etc is difficult for you, contact an admin and we will work as a team to help you get more out of the forum. We always aim to help people with issues of posting etiquette, it helps keep the forum tidy and everyone contributing.
We are also available on Discord or Private Message if you need on the spot advice before posting. You might have to message a couple of us until one answers!

Thats pretty cool, I'd have thought you'd be able to squeeze more than 8 in there though.

I agree Rab. Off the back of this I'm going to try and model something up in 3D and see where it takes me

I've already asked a question or two of Andrew_Aitchison, and I'm hoping that I might be able to ask him a few more!

Anyone that would like to chip in with  thoughts, ideas, abuse, questions, tips etc is more than welcome to.

and to Boff and ON, I apologise. I've spent a lifetime on forums with very different rules and guidelines, I shall endeavour to do better.

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