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I thought what the heck, lets do it....

This is available to buy on:


Very cool! Any issues that need to be worked out?

Hows the rotation  on that? What quality is each bit printed in?

If you let us know in advance when you are next coming to Grim up Nerf I reckon you'd shift enough of these to make your journey worth while....

I file and rotate the turret lots before sending them out to make sure they work. Like others, consistent use will wear out any niggles. but I still like to ship ready to use products

All my parts are printed in high quality.

rotation works great.
The Dark Kitten

Drac once said "1,2,3,4,5,6,7. That seems to hopefully be the maximum that you can fit in a hammershot"
Well here is the day Drac is proven wrong.
Looks very nice! I'm super impressed and to be frank am defiantly getting one!

Hot Damn and pay day is on its way!

the BritNerf community just turned it up to 8!

Are you coming to Davidov's war? I'd love to have a looksie at one of these.


I bought one of Aitch's retal slamfire kits a while back, admittedly I've not actually fitted it but it's as nice a piece as you could ask. Looking forward to this...

Well, I know what my paycheck is being spent on.

First a Retaliator slam fire kit and now an 8 shot... you are proving that the UK has great designers.

Is this an AR in or out kit?

...and ordered! Only got a 2nd 7 shot cylinder from Out of Darts a couple of weeks ago, should've been a bit more patient!

You can have the AR in or out, doesn't matter.

unfortunately I cant make anymore wars before going back to uni Sad

Awesome, i've got a 7 shot off thingiverse/3dhubs and have had no end of issues which I think are partly down to the ar being removed. I'll be ordering on Friday. If any other GuNers want one, i'll do a bulk order, PM me
The Dark Kitten

Just looking at the link it is surprisingly cheap!
£19 posted. Whereas out of darts are £19 before postage!
I am defiantly getting one.
Is there any way of engraving into the printed material as a one off, because if im going to get this for a fully tier 1 hammershot i think i want something a little special

Not on your etsy site, want to buy one.

I have one printer and many orders, so I will continuously update stock on etsy as I print them, so keep checking back if its not there

Posted this to Redditt as it deserves wider exposure!
UK Foam


I have done a brief review!

Very Happy  Smile   Razz  Mad

Mine has just arrived - Its a very nice piece of printing, and I really like the way you've done the A. Looks to be a VERY good resolution print. Dart fit on the 3rd party suctions i have here in the office is VERY tight - i think i've got some elites somewhere to try

All in all - WELL DONE MATE!

Dart fit on elites is TIGHT, I have to stwist them as the they go in to get them all the way down... this could be interesting with Koosh!

Installation was simple - take old one out, slot new one in, no messing around with faux springs or AR's.

Rotation works perfectly!

Performance, presumably down to dart fit, is incredible

Hopefully by the time I've managed to convince the wife to let me buy a couple of these you'll have some ready to ship out. These cylinders would be perfect to finish off the pair of Hammershots I'm working on Smile

Got mine in the post, I've been running the cylinder pretty hard for a couple of days, and I have to say I'm amazed. The rotation's smooth, I haven't had it miss a shot in over 200 darts shot through it. Colour match is also quite close on the orange, which is a bonus.

The printing is very well done, required very little sanding to get the dart fit great. It still has a couple of issues, particularly trying to shoot Koosh, but with every other dart it's shot great. Wondering if I'll need to put a spacer on the spring, to really get the most out of it.

Overall, extremely happy with the cylinder, hope to see much more from Atch Very Happy

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