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daniel k


FIRST! Sorry, needed to get that out the way. As you may have seen, britnerf has 800 registered users, and I wanted to use this as kind of a "thank you" post. Firstly, thanks OldNoob, for letting us see that the British are still better at cosmetics Very Happy. Thanks to Boff, for selling me my tactical belt, wiring kits, and upgrade springs. Thanks to UKnerfwar, for being a founding member of a great community. Thanks to Davera, FDT, and any other game organisers for giving the hobby purpose. And finally, thanks to justajolt, for he lping me mod my barrel break with his mod video on YouTube.

It's great to see the community steadily grow! The past 6 months have seen an increase in the number of new games being set up which is only a good thing.

So 400 vs 400 at the next war then ?Razz

If only there were 800 active members!! But that would be a pretty epic battle!

As for us being better at cosmetics, restriction breeds creativity. We have to have imagination because we can't be lazy and just colour the tip of a fake gun orange.

I should also add that about 50% of what goes into a top flight Superstock blaster the world over was designed, tested and promoted by this community.
We are also a globally recognised community for testing and proving of ideas.
That is only possible because the members make it that way.

Seems like only a month ago I was chatting to OldNoob about reaching 700 members and that being a critical turning point in getting games going.

My thanks to all involved in the community, for the founders and admins, for boff and his gear, for OldNoob and his videos and advice, for ssgt and northwind for their research, but most of all, my thanks to all who have supported Grim Up Nerf

I'd second that - this forum really helped shape FDT in the early stages and it's made me some new friends into the bargain. Well done everyone who has contributed to this great resource.

In fact I'll be buying UKNW a pint when I'm in London next week to say thanks Smile

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