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A different copy dart?

I picked up what looked like a different dart a wee while back and just had a chance to check it out properly... It's not one I've ever seen before but that might not mean anything!

Pictured beside a voberry, basically because everyone is going to say it's a voberry.

Vob top, mystery dart bottom

The tip shape is sort of halfway between an elite and a voberry, but feels more like an elite. You can see the K stamp but it's got an elite-style short stem behind the head, and basically handles much like an elite. No tip shedding like a koosh or breaking up like a voberry.

Firing test- out of an ONN longshot it performed essentially identically to a gen 3 koosh, 118.16 average out of the ONN, almost identical to a gen 3 koosh at 118.26 (airsoft crono so ignore the headline, it's only useful for comparison). The testing was a little nonstandard as I didn't want to waste darts so I reused the same darts, and interestingly it deteriorated slower than the koosh.

I started a 3240'd stryfe test but had to abort that as the koosh dart died! 114.3 vs 127 so it did underperform compared to the koosh, but still better than an elite and way better than a voberry.

Oh, and a point-blank pain test, out of the ONN Longshot. Next time, I'm using a weaker blaster!

Bang on par with an elite, in terms of safe usability.


Obviously this is pretty entry level testing but tbh I didn't want to get too into it til I'd put some basics up here and seen if this is actually a new dart or just something I've missed!

I think this test should become the new nerfing standard and any dart tested should be posted with a picture like this.

Imagine if someone had walked in. "I can explain! No, I can't explain!"

Awesome welt test. We need a tip and foam weight to calculate the weight balance and a cross section of the tip if you can sacrifice one for science?

Too light for my scales, I'm not a drug dealer... I'd have to trash a whole bunch but I can  do that after testing, if I do a wider firing test.

I'll sort a cross-section tonight.

Thanks. Happy to do the weights if you can send me a dart? PM F that suits you.

I too can do weights. Tiny part variations make a massive difference in beyblade so I have fishing scales that are accurate to a hundredth of a gram.

That makes sense then, I can only do by the gram so even with a big sample it's pretty vague. Who would be best from the two of you? Settle it with a trial of combat and whoever lives, drop me a PM with your address and I'll fire some over

Here's the cross-section. One on the left is a j-code elite. Obvious copy, though the construction of the copy dart is slightly different, the shape is squarer and the orange and white parts aren't as well affixed- the elites seem bonded together and are pretty much impossible to pull apart, they rip first, the copies come apart relatively easy but I don't think it's an issue.

Oh, I should have said, they do another version coloured the same as the old streamline.

I haven't really fired them enough to judge accuracy but they're not terrible, at least. All in all, pretty impressed so far, I want to test them properly against my favourite yellow koosh... Gut feeling is they're a 4p elite-beater but not quite up to koosh speeds.

Incidentally, if they are a new thing then the law says I get to name them. So they're fauk darts, because a) I was originally thinking they were a voberry variant, a fauxberry. b) they're so very very copyish and k) they have a K on the side.

Post the full results to Reddit to get the naming credit. Thanks for those cross sections. The Hasbro glue is so good, it's a shame none of the others have used it. Those are probably useful for stock level games then. Good find.

TBH I'm not sure it matters, it's not like some voberries where the orange part of the cap can come off and leave an unprotected hard tip, I think it only makes a difference when you set out to destroy it. The tip/foam glue is almost as good as an elite.

OK, I'll do a full shoot with a couple of blasters and see what comes of it with proper data, and then get it up on reddit. Good point on stock games- I wasn't going to bother with a stock blaster shoot but it could be pretty valuable.

<edit- fixed now, he'd accidentally blocked me after the refund.>

Still haven't had a chance to get the new chrono set up properly (nothing exciting, just a chrony f1) so no testing yet but got a load of the streamline-coloured darts on the way to test too. Away on holiday for a week to south wales, where it's still the late 1970s and they don't have broadband, so will sort out proper testing and that when I get back. No more shooting myself in the leg though.

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