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A man needs a name...

OK.  So the stars aligned. The angels sang out. Blind Peruvian monks chanted. The goblins that work for USPS, Singpost and Royal Mail, by some miracle, got me all of my stuff in time to create this from my stock Retaliator.

Inspired by OMN's post and advice from a previous thread:

A quick run down of parts:

GavinFuzzy Pump Grip
OMW Stage 1 and 2 kits (OldNoob has said that stock breech is better, and when I have the time I'll drill out the AR and put it in)
OMW 7kg spring
Raider Stock (thanks to Northwind)
Weaver rail attachment (eBay bargain bin)
Tactical sight (also eBay, expensive for what it is, but it looks so cool)
A few strategically placed weights
All locks removed
I also have a single point shoulder strap that I forgot to attach when I took these pics. Also from eBay bargain bin, hey you gotta start somewhere. Right?

Bonus pic.

Next steps are to make sure that the catch keeps catching. Had a few issues with dead space in the plunger head causing the catch to not catch. Fixed for now with a build up of hot glue. I expect to need to look at this again. I hope not before Bristol Blast.

I am also investigating the possibilities of LEDs in the barrel, then it's time to figure out paint and then the last thing a blaster needs after getting all dressed up, is a name. A man needs a name...

More love for the Retaliator!

You've made my night Smile

I'd be interested in feedback on the OMW kit as i keep looking at the Worker upgrade stuff and wondering if it's worth a try....

I'd be tempted to leave the paint as it is. I think it looks sweet! (And I am not usually keen on Nerfs paint schemes but that looks good!)

Looks awesome! The pump looks good and practical, best of both worlds.

The gavinfuzzy pump is awesome tbh, it's what relegated my EAT really. There's a lot to be said for stock paint on a blaster that's going to get used a lot I think, especially with sliding parts.

Pretty curious about the breech, as it happens I have a retaliator I picked up which has the OMW 1&2 kit in it... Not something I'd have bought intentionally but now I have it, maybe I can use it. How have you found it?

I PM'd OMN about pretty much the same thing, and because I'm lazy, here's a copy and paste for the benefit of all:

It's well made, but there a few issues with it. The breech and bolt sled assemble was difficult for me. Looking back I would approach that bit differently... the pin was such a tight fit. I also tried the kit with the mag lock and it kept jamming because the sled wouldn't engage the lock every time.  Hence removing all the locks. The metal bits are a nice touch.

Personally, if I were doing it again I would be looking at spring and catch upgrades for internals... the kit is nice, but expensive. And it was my first mod and so I got carried away.

In testing the Stage 2 bolt cost 5fps vs the stock one. The only useful part is the Plunger.
You can get a Worker Final Stage retaliator kit which has a POM plunger, bolt carrier and some bumpers for much less $ than the OMW one. You also dome need a metal catch in the retal, the stock catch is good up to 10kg. Mine is running a 5kg main, I haven't even needed to change the catch spring. The only point in owning S2 from OMW was because the bolt worked with the S3 sealed breech, which you can't get anymore.

WHat about the OMW kits for the EAT?  Am i missing anything by only ordering Stage 1?

Nice work! I am a huge pump retaliator fan and this one looks well done. Honestly your catch issue could be the omw metal catch, I have had zero issues with my stock catches with the many pump retaliators I have built. 7kg usually just requires a new catch spring.

How did this hold up yesterday? I saw you doing an emergency dart removal, but other than that was it OK?

It held up pretty well, once it was working. It really was an emotional rollercoaster of a day.

It was my first time in the heat battle. So I think I may have got over excited and double primed the retaliator in the very first game. This led me to think I had a dart tooth issue as darts were getting stuck on the tooth and I switched out to my doominator for the first half of the day.  This left me feeling a little disappointed.

During the break L11 and I were able to determine that I had a blockage. Now I felt stupid. So a quick bit of surgery revealed the most mangled dart I've ever encountered.  I wish I hadn't left my phone in the car, I so wanted to take a picture.

Then I was able to give it a proper run out. No more jams or mangled darts. Range impressed me compared to how I thought it would handle. Rate of fire via the pump grip was good. The blaster surpassed my expectations.  At this point I was pretty excited but knackered.

All in all the only problem with the blaster was me, user error and inexperience. This can be fixed though 😀

And I think I've finally settled on a name for it too... after hearing the sweet sound of foam hurtling out of the barrel, I'm naming my retaliator The Kraken. Now I just need to paint it...

Good to hear. Iowa's contemplating getting rid of my retaliator,  but after seeing this I am tempted to do the mods on it and give it a whirl.

If you are painting,  don't skimp on costs. Get some decent painters tape, good paint, and take your time.

Any idea on colour scheme?

I often leave the forward bolt lock in the ones I do, then you can't double load, as you have to pull the trigger before the bolt releases.
That dart was monumentally mangled. I think only a Slingfire has beaten that for totally folding a dart in the breech at my previous games.
Battle testing is the only way to truly work out your gear, that's why all our mods have been tested by a number of players in different games before we recommend them to others. I find only the stress and adrenaline of real foam firefights can determine what works for you as a player. You will notice that my regular players had pretty fixed loadouts with which they are mercilessly efficient.
Even I get breakages at games, I have 3 blasters on the repair pile, mostly flywheel fit related. I didn't even get to shoot my Artifact Retaliator, because I didn't play a single HVZ round as a human!

BSUK springer rampage can mangle darts pretty badly, even with standard use, as Dark Kitten demonstrated at GuN1. I've had a 5 dart mangle in my EAT where not only was one folded back on itself, there was a dart wrapped around the fold!
Though slingfire definitely wins for true mangling, tbn had one at GuN5 where the darts had got wrapped around the outside of the breech, and his is the old style without the prime release button

Glad to hear the kit worked well in the end, and I hope you can get to some more wars to perfect your usage.

I was devastated for you when it stopped working! I'm glad it was sorted and you could use it.
And what a blaster, the range was amazing.

blindgeekuk wrote:
I've had a 5 dart mangle in my EAT where not only was one folded back on itself, there was a dart wrapped around the fold!

Put some thread in it, and it's almost a sewing machine. Maybe you could blast out a scarf...

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