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A Nerfer's Workshop

Over on discord, and also on here, we've seen a lot of queries about what kind of tools people use, so I thought i'd cover everything I have in my workshop.

At the heart of my workshop is an A1 Cutting Mat, got when my missus still worked at Hobbycraft. .

Along the left hand side of my work area I store my powered tools:
Soldering Iron - I use an no brand 40w soldering iron with a pointed tip. This replaced my Dads old chisel tip 15w one from his GPO days... I went with 40w because I got the iron as part of a kit, and it was only a pound or so more than a 25w one.
Dremel - For all that people say Dremels are overkill for Nerf, I personally find I can do better cuts with them than I can with just a hacksaw, and the ability to swap to a drill bit, or a sander is great. Again, I went no brand.
Glue gun - Hot glue might be frowned upon by many, but its very useful at times. Again, the wifes Hobbycraft discount was used on this, and I went with a small one for ease of use.
Heatgun - Only really used for warming up worker flywheels prior to fitting/removal, or for fast drying an area of paint, its a cheap Hobbycraft one.
Magnifying light - I don't really use the magnifying bit, its more there to add extra light when i'm working.

Along the back wall of my work area I have big plastic parts bins. I've had these for a long time, they used to hold D&D minis, now the 5 I kept hold:
1) Rotofury elite inserts
2) Shell bits - mainly stryfe, but also the odd other bits like most of a revonix internals
3) Tools - I'll cover this in a minute
4) Spares -  spare screwes, catch springs, rail mount springs etc
5) Current project - any screw that comes out of my current project, any spring, trigger etc goes in here

Theres also a hammer, chisel (for getting rid of pesky AR's), and a fullsize hacksaw, my safety glasses, and superglue

The Tools bin contains a set of needle nose pliers, a needle file, stanley knife, a long thin phillips head screwdriver, 2 large flat head screwdrivers (for help with removing flywheels and opening up stubborn shells, a normal pair of scissors, and a pair of clippers. These are from a variety of toolkits owned over the years, but something like this toolkit gives you most things that you need.

The bulk of my workspace contains the soldering stand, the magnifying glass and arms, and my junior hacksaw.

Finally, on the right hand side of my work area is a set of platic drawers from Argos:
One drawer contains acrylic paints and brushes, one contains spare deans connectors, old motors, springs, barrel material and larger bits (like hammershot turrets or plunger tubes), and the final drawer is spare glue sticks, other less used tools.

On the top of those drawers I have a sheet of plasticard, and a pack of various grit sandpapers

That's really useful BGUK.  I need to upgrade to a cutting matt I think..  Using a wobbly cutting board with a wobbly pair of helping hands..  When trying to solder a wobbly flywheel cage this became very frustrating!  What soldering stand do you use?

That soldering iron pack I've linked came with a basic soldering stand, and a set of help hands. The stand is fine for me, its never fallen over or out. The helping hands are awesome, having the item I want in a single position helps with the eyesight

My work space is very disorganised. It's my spare room that doubles as music studio/workshop. One side has the drum kit, guitars, desk and speakers then I have an old dining table as my bench with a huge rack of shelves behind it which house a mass of music bits and mainly paint and spare parts, springs, screws crafty bits and bobs and a tonne of action figures waiting to be customed. On the table is trusty cutting mat and various tubs of tools opened paint, brushes, glues, resins. Under the table is a box with glue guns, heat gun, and bigger spare parts, bits of shells, and two huge tubs of yet to be painted blasters. Across the room is the spray booth venting out window and compressor and airbrush and hairdryer next to spare bed which is also piled high with blasters I'm not sure what to do with yet and sheets of Eva foam. The spare bed also has a big drawer under it where I keep all the spray cans, sandpaper, files, rasps, chisels,resin filler and fiber glass. Any other space on the floor is usual taken up with boxes of Gumtree and eBay hauls of blasters and figures that still need sorting out. It's a permanent mess and really gets to me but I have a plan to convert my garage into a bigger workshop hopefully next year and get it all out of the house hopefully. i need a soldering iron next.
Justin Andrews

I'm quite fortunate.

I've built a dedicated 4m x 3.5m workshop (aka my mancave) in my garden which I use to make props for LARP as well as Nerf guns.

Inside is an antique (but very functional) 120 year old lathe
A much more modern milling machine
A couple of dividing and indexing tables
As well as my little 3D printer.
A wide range of power tools (jigsaws, drills, power sanders etc)
Lots of nice engineering hand tools, taps dies etc.
Right up to a gas forge, and anvils (one of which is nothing more than a short section of railway track)

I've been building up my workshop for years, often by giving a home, and new life to old machinery.

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