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A pair of jokers

Here are my modified Hammershots:

Blasterparts full metal spring, cocking mechanism and trigger.  

7 dart cylinders 3D printed.

Joker theme hydro dip.

Im really pleased with the outcome, looks sweet as.

The only down side is I am having trouble with the rotating mechanism. Not sure quite why it is temperamental. If anyone else has had any experience with these problems please let me know.

That hydrodip is beautiful.

Rotation mechanism - which file did you get from thingiverse - from what i've read, theres 2, and you need parts from both. the comments on there also suggest it sorts itself out after a few shots

I got files from two different sources on there. One for the cylinder, and another for the two other parts. I am going to keep playing with it today to see if it does settle down.

I am pleased with the Hydrodip, it isn't perfect, a few bubbles, but in general it came out very well!


SO I have figured out why there were some problems with the rotation, it helps if I but in all the bits. Somehow these little fellas got left out:

Now it is still not 100%, but much happier than I was with these a week ago!

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