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A weekend of wars celebration thread....

Seeing as we have had three events on the same day spread from the far south, via the north (or the middle if you are Scottish) up to Scotland let's have a thread celebrating this!

This is an opportunity to tell us your tale, whether it was your first (or last!) war, what you enjoyed, which game went well for you, which blaster you played the most, which blaster you wish you had taken, which blaster you envied there most, and anything else Nerf related that's happened this weekend.

For me I got to play for the whole of grim up Nerf for the first time (thanks Adam!) and now realise just how hard it is/was for the participants! My legs and feet are complaining now.

Loved my retaliator - my sneaky semi sleeper ish breech gives it the power it needs. On the other hand my rapid strike failed to shine. I still need to learn to love flywheels (maybe).

Games were fast and furious but it was the change in pace of trouble in terrorist town that proved most intriguing. The concept is brilliant and I enjoyed the mild paranoia that accompanied the game play. One to play another time.

And to cap it off despite a morning of rain the sun shone on grim up Nerf, proving it's not quite so grim after all.

Right, so I'm finally ‘home’, that is to say, I'm back in the wreck we're moving into with a bit of decorating to do. The daughter is fed, another daughter picked up, school friend seen, beer consumed… it's time for GuN review…

This month was a hard one for me. Figuring out when everyone was going to be free was difficult enough, but then I threw the complication of a house move, and there was a behind the scenes disagreement that meant we were not as planned out as normal. These issues will be ironed out by September's event Sat 10th…

In terms of venue, we heard quite early on that Farsley should be OK for us to use, but at 10am yesterday, we didn't actually have a way of getting into the venue, something that Justajolt normally handles, but obviously he was on holiday. I came very close to cancelling the event yesterday. There wasn't much we could do about this issue, as it was out of our hands, but it resolved itself yesterday, and then took a stranger turn this morning… in the end, it involved me packing 4000 darts, about 30 loaner blasters, my own gear, and the usual lights, glasses, bombs, team ribbons... into 2 large bags, and then carting them into and then back out of Leeds on a series of buses…

People were already turning up by the time the chapels bishop arrived with the key and let us in. Numbers wise, this was a great month, with 31 of us in total, and a real mix of regular nerfers, church members, locals, etc. People are hearing about us from a variety of sources, and it's finally beginning to feel like the ‘Grim up Nerf’ “brand” is paying off.

For me, the next part was different and difficult. Normally OldManNerf handles the doors and introducing himself to people and getting them to sign everything. It's a role that he is incredibly good at, and it means normally myself and Justajolt can get on with sorting gear and loaners out. For a personal reason, OldManNerf has decided to take a more casual role within the GuN team, and with Justajolt away, it was left with me to get darts, loaders, tables, forms etc sorted.

I'd like to thanks everyone who helped out at this point with tables and getting things sorted, I was a little out of my depth, trying to do multiple things at once, and I don't consider myself a “people person”. As a general note to other groups: work as a team, and get the guy with the best people skills and best organising skills to do the front of house… and then make sure they know how much their efforts are appreciated!

Eventually people were ready for the rules overview. I suck at speaking to crowds, and there was tonnes of info I missed out. But it was enough, and we cracked on into Meatgrinder, a free for all warm up, which seemed to go down really well.

From there we did some freeze tag, hvz, bomb run, King of the hill, black kes down (with special farces). I marshaled every game, giving OldManNerf a chance to play and I think revitalising his enjoyment of nerfing. One of my favourite moments was myself and him trading shots between my EAT and his Retaliator at extreme range.

King of the Mill worked better than I expected,  we defined the hill as the badminton court lines in the central hall, and setup a havoc fire with 2 75 round belts in the middle. In terms of a feature the havoc fire gave players something to try and hold onto, even if the weight of the belts made it jam constantly. The hills spent a lot of time contested, but generally each team had a couple of clear minutes on the hill.

I had another great set of moments during the first black kes down round, with one of the Blackpool lot holding down a doorway with a slung havoc fire and a 75 round belt draped over his shoulder, rambo stylee…
I'd taken position out of most blasters range, in a doorway down the corridor, and started raining EAT shots down on him, with my EAT being bsuk springed, and de-AR’ed, and having excellent range and accuracy. Watching a large bloke with a heavy gun, try and dodge while shouting “I want whatever he’s firing” was awesome.

I also put the diatrons dual discs to good use in these rounds, bouncing them off walls, windows and doors to suppress and tag players.

In terms of my gear, this was my second month without Bertha due to packing constraints, and while I miss her, my other blasters performed really well. The sledgefire used all 3 types of its shells, to great effect, and for any round that didn't require huge amounts of ammo or the ability to rapidly spam rounds down range, it was my primary!
The EAT, despite its usual clip alignment issue, performed outstandingly, as per usual.
I'd put a 6kg blasterparts spring into a guardian crossbow last week, and while its now quite a hard prime, I love it, it performed incredibly as a front loader.
And the diatron, while gimmicky, with all its locks removed is a useful addition.  It lacks the range my revonix has, but the two discs, and speed of firing means I can quickly put 10 discs rebounding towards a target.

There were a lot of new faces, across all age ranges, as well as a lot of returning ones. I actually love the fact that it's not the same players each month as it keeps us on our toes in terms of game play, and each event grows our player base.

Phil, a new player last month, was back, and this time brought his son and daughter, who fit in straight away with mine and OldManNerf’s daughters.

Tanithlord brought his partners kids (we'll get her playing yet mate!), as well as a funky rayven/demolisher in progress integration.

Andrew showed up, boomco in belt Wink, but with his crossbolt integration,  and a wide variety of other bits. I reckon he had access to a Tardis, as his bag was nowhere near big enough to hold everything I saw him use. I hope we provided you with a great afternoon of Nerf in order to make your epic journey from Surrey worth it.

Twibz took on the role of kid friendly player thanks to his snorlax t-shirt, and while he suffered injury wise, he and his mates got stuck in. Good luck with a Blackpool community!

NorthernWarrior and Rooster, plus family and other neighbours are a decent sized contingent of Harrogate kids, and while they lack Dustybin’s attitude and behaviour, are proving themselves to be valued GuN players, and taught us Trouble in Terrorist Town.

OldManNerf's Retaliator has had a new upgrade that makes it a beast and a half, and he played incredibly well today, even if he did end up on the losing team nearly everytime.

Seiryuu, always the one to buck the trend, took the no boomco rule to the extreme, rebarreling a farshot to fire Nerf darts with extreme prejudice. It was EVIL… And as for his red chipotle chocolate cupcakes… woah…

Everyone chipped in to help tidy up, which was very much appreciated, and we left tired, sore, thirsty and very very happy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shady Daze and The Iron Craigen in person, both of who I found to be spectacular people and deadly Nerfers.

I found myself getting caught out by highly accurate and well used springer pistols in our venues building. It was a style of play which in our more personal setting, really showed up the weaknesses of flywheel blasters. By the time I'd revved and fired, my shot was always second in each contact.

I additionally tries out the new AlienMenace Incisor. I ran it stock off two IMRs. As front loaders go, it's quite big! We also found the pusher to need a long trigger pull to shove the dart into the flywheels, making very rapid firing frustrating and difficult . I'll post a review of the blaster shortly.

I had a fantastic few hours and learn a lot about Nerfing from spending time playing with these two fine Nerfers with their Solent playing styles which differed from what I was used to. I wonder if styles of Nerf-play are like accents or dialects which differ regionally? If so, would those using stryfes see them
Selves as using received pronounciation as the master race? Would he GuN accent be characterised by flywheel revving just as home made rainbows are rife in the states? (I'm rambling... Time to go to sleep) Anyway, I had a great time and I'd recommend anyone thinking about joinin in with the next solent war should do it!!!

Can't say that flywheels dominated this month, there was a rapidstrike, a couple of demolisher, a stryfe, and elite cam, a hyperfire (that thing is nearly silent!)
If anything, this month's big thing was electric springers: havoc fires, stampede, swarmfires.

If anything, GuNs Nerf 'accent' is either laughter, or the laboured breathing of overweight, middle aged men who think they should be able to run like they did in their youth for 4 hours...

Just home from Foam Dart Thunder at Zone 74 and it was a great night. Ended up with 40 players at the end and way busier than I expected for my first night running the games. Mr FDT joined in for his first proper night of games as a player and threw himself right into it with much enthusiasm Very Happy Started off with two rounds of lockdown with no clear winner but both teams came very close and could have won if they were more organised and pushed on but too many lone mavericks in the teams. Next we had two rounds of Domination with the bibs team taking a victory in the first game after a really good back and forth battle but I called the second game after about 15mins of no one taking a good lead at any point. We then had a good game of HvZ with four original Zombies and a young lad winning lasting a good 10 mins. Finished off with quick 10 min free for all just to wind down. I was slightly nervous leading the games for the first time with that amount of people but really enjoyed it and look forward to it again. Cheers to Rab for helping on ref duty and help keeping it all under control as I had to draft in my other half and mate help as well and it was there first time reffing but they also enjoyed it. 40 players is a good number for this venue so hopefully more of the same to come... Very Happy

Great idea for a thread 👍

Not long in the door from tonights return to the Zone 74 skatepark, what an epic night it was too. The terrain at this park is a bit more compact which means no matter where you are your always in the action.

Big Al was running the show while Neil was taking part, so I'm sure they'll be along with their own thoughts.

I was helping ref tonight and I think the final count was close to 40 players which was ideal, with a mix of FDT vetrans and first timers.
I spotted some really good players in the new ranks.

I saw quite a few rayvens in use tonight and although I only got a quick look the buzzbee snipe and hyperfire that Al brought both looked like sweet blasters.
I carried my BSUK sprung sidestrike as my refs sidearm and stuck my rebarrelled big shock in a pocket, you know...just in case 😉

Game of the night for me was HvZ, I love how the zombies start on the high ground now.

I'd say it was another great night of nerfing and its really good oto have a second skate park venue.

blindgeekuk wrote:
If anything, GuNs Nerf 'accent' is either laughter, or the laboured breathing of overweight, middle aged men who think they should be able to run like they did in their youth for 4 hours...

I find I do very little running outside of zombie rounds and, even in those, it's cheetah like. Lots of cautious walking, spot your prey, draw them in, wait for the perfect moment to strike, then dart the hell out of there before zombie can move.

Great idea for a thread  Very Happy

So as already documented last night was my first time taking part in a war from start to finish. If the Zone 74 skate park FDT wars are going to continue I can't commit to being there so it was BigAl's chance to take the reins. Considering there were 40 players he did really well.

It seems weird having run so many wars and birthday parties, but although we have quite an arsenal of stock blasters at FDT HQ I've never had the chance to use any in anger. I chose a Rapidstrike with a Blastersmith's quick release sling and a Triad as my secondary - I love that wee blaster!

I made up a flip clip before I left home knowing that once I was through those 36 darts the RS would likely get binned (the skate park games all move fast) as I didn't want to spend too much time restocking it. That's pretty much how things worked out as well.

The 2 rounds of Lockdown were great fun but unlike the Transgression Park wars where most of the players know eachother and will organise themselves accordingly, the same "family" does not exist at Zone 74 yet, so much "headless chicken"  blasting ensued. My bibs team got close but to no avail.

Not so in Domination however. We bossed the first round and managed to maintain clock control for the full 90 seconds. It was tough going but we were organised enough to hold the no-bibs back away from the clock.

The second round as usual meant we flipped the bases and it really does change the game completely. We managed to neither dominate the clock nor give it up so I was happy with a drawn game in the second round.

HvZ was great fun. I had actually joined in one round of this in the past so know how tiring it was. My 14yo son was a Z and made it quite clear who he was targetting. After much sprinting around I thought I was lulling him in close enough for a Triad blast to allow me to escape, I turned round and.......disaster - the last dart had either fallen out or I had miscounted! Great fun tho and we both had a laugh about it.

FFA was a decent way to end the night though a bit haphazard.

We're definitely going to be running more events at Zone 74. If we can manage 2 skate park events a month we'll really be able to cement FDT in the Central belt of Scotland. I've already had birthday party requests from through West now due to our presence at Zone, so it looks like FDT is about to expand further. Onwards and upwards!

Not from last night but the vid just went live from the last Transgression park event.

Check out that wrist blaster shot at 1:20 😎

3? You forgot GC... Razz I'm just back from leading my regiment to victory and saving the Universe. I've had pizza and now I need a shower..

We just hit 'peak Nerf' - gonna be hard to top that.... Smile

4 events! That spanned the length of the UK, and had players travelling from all over. YEAH!

Glad to hear your first war went well FDT, I hope you get chance to play again!
It's also nice to hear that the second skate park is different players and plays differently.  We've found similar with the two chapels, even slight difference in size or layout can have huge impacts on the play style.

I've just reread my earlier review, and I'm always hyper critical just after an event.
If my long post came of slightly negative, it shouldn't!
GuN8 was an absolute blast, and while not the super fast paced games of 7, or the large amounts of energy sapping HvZ of earlier events, our growing repoitoire of games types for all energy levels keeps the event unique each month.

As our first full 4 hours of nerfing event, I can honestly say it has a very different impact on the body compared to the 2 and a half hours we used to do. After this one, I felt it worst in my feet. My soles and arches of them are still agony nearly 36 hours after finishing!

I've really got to get up to a FDT sometime! It sounds amazing and with my bro living in Aberdeen now, there'll probable be some natural opportunities to pop by en route.

I'm glad GuN went well! It sounds like you did a sterling job, BGUK, and I'm looking forward to seeing this retal beast, OMN! I'd loved to have been there as well as at Solent Wars but we're still working on the whole cloning re-fusing thing. I'll look forward to meeting everyone next month and helping out more so that we can share the load ^_^

Jolt, the next Edinburgh event will be Sat 24th Sept if that helps you plan at all.....

(August 27th is sold out to absolute capacity).

blindgeekuk wrote:

As our first full 4 hours of nerfing event, I can honestly say it has a very different impact on the body compared to the 2 and a half hours we used to do. After this one, I felt it worst in my feet. My soles and arches of them are still agony nearly 36 hours after finishing!

I hear that - I opted to wear some new Salomon trail running shoes for the skate park and my feet and joints were in agony on Sunday - next time I'll go with my super comfy Asics marathon runners. They're like wearing slippers!

Inormally wear either a tattered buyt comfy pair of trainers, or a well worn in pair of boots, but this month, due to the move, forgot to take either, so was wearing my heavy duty steel toecapped boots!

why does someone who works in IT development need steel toecaps?... think about my eyesight, and how easy it is to stub a toe/drop a monitor on your toes

I work in IT and I have steel toe cap Caterpillars......for when I attend metal gigs Smile \m/

Boff wrote:
3? You forgot GC... Razz  ..

Where does Green Cloaks happen? Is is like a regular Neef war where you turn up and Nerf but with stats like a dice RPG?

It’s Grim up Nerf

Yes, that’s a delicious pun. And no, it’s not mine. I am somewhat jealous.

On the 13th of the fine month of August Kib, Arthur and I went to Grim up Nerf 8 in Farsley for some foam darty goodness. So after a long while driving, we arrived at the Venue.

We were greeted with an 8 year old or two entering the building. Ah. Oh well, we soldiered on and went to get checked in and found some other adults to hang around with. We were 3 of the 4 unaccompanied adults of the day, but there were a fair few other people that should probably know better so we didn’t feel out of place. The age split was really quite good. 20 or so little’uns and 10 or so adults. Or more accurately 6 adults and 4 or 5 grown men that should probably know better

Arhtur’s eyes lit up when he saw my Vulcan/Havock, so he called “Dibbs” (pun intentional- its his surname) on that, and promptly set about talking in an Austrian accent, and I never got a look in all day. Oh well.
Kibby had brought his 2×4, borrowed an Alpha Trooper and the Star Wars pistol.
I ran with Vera and two Doublestrikes.

We were put into teams; with Arthur and I in one, and Kib in the other. Straight up team deathmatch. GO!
I then immediately ran into technical difficulties, and by that I mean when I fixed Vera the previous night, I didn’t put her back together right. NO!!!

Battlefield surgery begin/
Opened her up, flipped the magazine guide the right way up (idiot) and then closed her back up. Which sounds like a simple operation. It was, but I took AGES…
Battlefield surgery end/

…And missed a good half of the first game, which we well and truly lost. It was probably only 80% my fault

It was at this point that Arthur and I were re-united with Kib, as we had lost so badly. And this is where we started to shine. (I may be exaggerating.)

Throughout the day, we made a name for ourselves and had a lot of fun, we were nicknamed the Special Farces in one game, and we like the moniker. So maybe, just maybe chaps You may get a tale or two every now and then.
We have also recruited two others.

Play of the day - Running out of ammo in Vera, and doing a run (read: "fast hobble") with my two doublestrikes with Kib close behind. Me ultimately missing, but Kib grabbing the kill. TEAMWORK WIN

Fail - While being Special Farces, Arthur holding a door. Kib and I come up to him, he dodges a dart and says he likes the range on that gun. I take a peak in, cause I recognise the sound... I stop, turn to them, note it's one of mine I've leant out and that we should probably run. GENEROSITY FAIL

FDT wrote:
I work in IT and I have steel toe cap Caterpillars......for when I attend metal gigs Smile \m/

I can beat that. I own and often wear Magic Safety Jikatabi.
For those of you who aren't massive nerds, that's velcro-fastened outdoor ninja boots with two steel toecaps each. Double the protection!

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