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Accustrike Dart Test.

Hope its ok to post this video here? It seems relevant. So today I did a shooting test with the accustrike darts and I was very impressed. 3 18 dart clips One Elite, One Koosh, One Accustrike fired down range 50 feet at my target with a stock Stryfe running 2 IMR's. The grouping was spectacular! Every Acustrike flew dead straight compared to the completely  wild koosh and elite spread. They definitely dropped very quickly so the range is effected but I've never seen darts fly so consistently but they will take a bit of getting used to with regards of how to get the best out of them! I think the far more consistent flight could be well worth the trade off from the distance and if we get cheap 3rd party ones soon it could worth adding them to the dart pools. Would like to see how they fair in a 100+ 130+ fps blaster to see it they can still handle it and how far they go. Any way, please check it out.

Interesting - It's nice to see that the darts seem to work-as-advertised. If it weren't for the low ammo capasity of the blasters, I may of gotten one for this years Christmas. Then again it's still early days. If they release a accustrike blaster with a good ammo capasity, then I'd consider using these darts more often.

Nice test by the way! Smile

Great stuff

Good video showing that the darts are more accurate but a bit heavier, so they don't travel so far.

There are also some you tube videos showing that the darts really do spin. This is the first one I have seen them fired through a flywheel though so it looks promising.

Given this I am hoping Nerf will release a new high capacity flywheel gun that can really lob these, and these darts don't stay expensive for long!

Cheers, I was genuinely surprised how well they performed. I thought it best to try them in a fly wheel blaster since that is the main blaster of choice for the average Britnerfer I feel but I dont have any great flywheel blasters as I'm a springer guy Very Happy So couple of IMR's it was . Hopefully someone can put them through a better blaster and see what they do.

This is the best test for accurstrike I've seen so far as you've at least tried to remove some human influence from your test, it would be nice to see them fired from a few different blasters, different target distances and perhaps a way of really clamping down a blaster to remove any access movement. I'm starting to come round to the idea accustrike darts but to what degree and if it would make a considerable difference in play would be the next big questions.

Regardless nice simple video on these darts.

Has anyone else noticed that when Accustrike darts are fired from a Modded springer (Rampage, OMW fitted) the bizarre accuracy issue?

When the Accustrike darts are fired from a std Elite spring blaster, perfect performance (Hammershot, gently Modded Spectre).

But from a modded Rampage, very wide groupings even at mid range. Worse than semi-worn Elite Darts.

Useful video:

I am planning some more tests with them but unfortunately the weather hasn't been great so not a chance to get out and do it so far. I have plenty of modded springers so will give them a bash.

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