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I have been kinda out of the loop of the NIC lately and have discovered a lot of trends that kinda baffle me to be honest. First one is 3d printed flywheel cages: No idea why anyone would do this ever, seems like a hair brain idea to me. Second is waffle darts, why are they popular? They are jam city in my experience and heavier than they need to be for superstock velocities. Hooligan flywheels? Are they not slow to spin up being so heavy? Not that they don't look quality but I am mostly concerned about snap shots in a flywheel. Lastly ultra high crush? Why make your components work so hard? Between grinding your system together and using janky materials these set ups can't last very long and one of the key advantages to flywheels is reliability. The other trend I see is that common courtesy has gone out the window and there is a lot of conflict and long winded theoretical hypothesis discussing these "advancements"
The only advancement I am excited about is the Jet Ceda!

Lets see:

3D printed flywheel cages - because people can print them and can print them with a high crush. Common thininking amongst BritNerf is that the 3d printing is too variable in quality and precision to make it worth while

Waffle darts - because they are cheap! BritNerfer run events use a mixture of the stacked and xtip ones because we managed to buy out all the ones the uk ebay seller had. Not had an issue with jams personally, bbut the heavier weight is causing a serious range issue with my stock blaster events.

Hooligan flywheels - because the tolerance on them is awesome. Weight is, from the findings of BritNerf experts, not a massive issue on the high troque motors they are designed for.

Ultra High Crush - again, not a big thing in the BritNerf scene, as we prefer precision cages, more of a reddit thing

Common Courtesy - on the whole I find the Nerf scene a welcoming place. I appreciate that you are not as welcome on Reddit as you w=once were, and that the Hooligan guys need a lesson on how to deal with customers, but here on BritNerf, theres not much disagreement/attitude.

Unless you start talking about *whispers* (melee)

Jet- I refuse to get excited about a retaliator reshell and a $75 longshot.
Printed cages- Cheap, easy to alter crush.
Hooligan wheels- Perfectly dynamically balanced, incredible tolerances, make Artifact look like junk, which I have discussed with you before! If it's not precisely machined it's not worth the money. The mass doesn't make any measurable distance with higher torque motors that are now the norm, plus follow up shots are faster because you get free momentum. Best wheels so far, most consistent tests EVER, including springers, with a Standard Deviation lower than any other dart propulsion system we have ever tested, confirmed by both my test and Boffs, with multiple shot tests on two separate chronos.
Ultra high crush. Another bullshit Redditt bandwagon. See comments above. Fine in theory, less useful in game.
Waffles- Amazing darts for next to nothing, stacked ones were the best compromise between mass and performance as well as having a better tip shape. The difference between shooting 3 Koosh and missing at 60 ft and nailing every target in one shot at 40-50 is well worth it. Full length darts and flywheel blasters are imperfect if you want to nail a dime from 60-80ft out, for that you need precision built gear and short darts, neither of which has gained any traction here, so we use what works in our games vs trying to imitate Singapore.
Courtesy- Forget that if you go on r/Nerf. I have not posted there in 4 months and as soon as Bevics gold runs out I will be deleting my account. Hopefully Britnerf continues to be courteous even if we don't agree. There's room for everyone's Nerf in this community, hopefully we don't act like Reddit and if we do then let UK Nerfwar know.
Likewise Facearse is poison for Nerf, I don't know why anyone subjects themselves to a single one of the facebook Nerf groups.

We concentrate on developing games and pushing the hobby onwards, not squabbling with each other. I am proud to be a Britnerf Nerfer and hope you all feel the same.

100% second that. I love being part of a group which just gets on with enjoying the hobby.

I totally agree that Britnerf is the most friendly place for enthusiasts on the web! Have not seen too much discussion about these new developments here so I thought I would get this groups opinions. The Jet Ceda is not a retailator shell, it has a much larger plunger tube, is completely modular, and will be a complete ready to run blaster.

Have you got any links or similar for this jet ceda?
Granted I'm pretty new to britnerf and have only recently stepped into the full blown nerfer territory after being a mere dabbler but I really love the retailator so I'm my interest is piqued.

A lot of that stuff has been chatted about on Discord, just hasn't made it on to the main forum, maybe something worth thinking about 🤔

Waffles are lovely and cheap and actually go where you aim them, just a bit range limiting with stock blasters . (Oh and you get purple ones!)

Pretty good bunch of enthusiasts on here, good to see you back.

I am still not interested in anything made by Jet. The only useful idea in it is the receiver based building system. Some detail here for whoever was asking about it.
I forgot to add- Waffes are FVJ for people who are not manly woodsmen...
You know we all support what you are trying to do with Tacticool Foam.
It's worth noting that most of the "advancements" have been discussed here several years ago. Increasing the dart crush was mentioned right here the week the Demolisher launched the XD line. Britnerf wrote the book on precision flywheels, there's a CAD model of exactly the sort of wheel now being made by several companies, on this site from about 2014/15.
WE made chrono data an essential by standardising test procedure and championing a bunch of people who test properly.
Britnerf led the world in flywheel modding, we had the RS 6 weeks ahead of the rest, the first mod looms were drawn and made right here, as were the first microswitch trigger designs. Stuff that's now standard the world over. We still push technical boundaries and designed many of the hobbies core safety practices.  
We are making the hobby bigger, without airsoft lite equipment. There's now around 10 monthly or mostly monthly mod friendly games running across the country, played by HUNDREDS of regular players, where 2 years ago there were NONE. I think that says a lot about the hard graft and attitude of this forums members.
Hardly any of those players are involved in any Nerf Internet BS, the organisers may be part of this community, but 80% of the players get their Nerf inspiration through face to face interaction via creative, fast paced games run in a family friendly, inclusive way by proffesional, insured and experienced game orgainisers working within a negotiated and regulated environment.

That's how the UK Nerfs, by playing games and having fun with kids toys!

Reddit is a terrible terrible place that is used by terrible posters. I am saying this as I assume most of your points are taken from some idiot having a 'discussion' at you outside of britnerf, many of which informed by/ written by Reddit posters.

I first learned about reddit a long time ago and I have never ever been tempted to use it.

I often take great pleasure in wiping the floor with various player communities from reddit in various games and I find them to be irredeemable as players and trolls of the least intelligence and wit.

If you wipe the scum at the bottom of the internet you can often find something like this living underneath it.

When it comes to Nerf it is personal war experience and hard figures that count for the most. If you find a cheap dependable dart and a nice set of flywheels that works for you and gives you the play you want, great. New stuff is cool and means more things to try out I love how there are always new things to learn! Who cares if some basement dweller is whining about your latest build not being the latest most 'elitist' thing? How is that fun? Nerf is fun!

blindgeekuk wrote:
3D printed flywheel cages - because people can print them and can print them with a high crush. Common thininking amongst BritNerf is that the 3d printing is too variable in quality and precision to make it worth while

Yeah, I've seen that but IMO it's bpretty much baseless, the openflywheel cage is a really simple part to print and even a cheap DIY printer like mine (somewhat uprated tarantula) should have no issues giving a good print as long as it's decently set up. The other concern people raise is heat, so, print in ABS, sorted.

Ceda- Complete blaster, expanded plunger tube, compatible with retaliator parts, has a modular two piece shell so you can pull two quick pins and be able to access the breech, spring, and bs while leaving the trigger and catch stationary so no more unscrewing and butterflying for tuning. The cost will be much much less than the xzues since they cut xplorer out of the picture. So basically its the ideal springer.  Also their darts are going to be really good!

Thanks for the extra detail on that Troy.

Ps lol about being a manly fvj shooting woodsman. I have been shooting worker darts lately actually since we are utilizing a much larger field and these are super accurate. I am probably the only guy who loves spring and flywheel equally. Here is that Ceda. I think just having a ready to run blaster is an advancement in it's own but this thing has everything I could ever ask for in a springer. They are doing much better by severing ties with xplorer and making something new. While I prefer the ergonomics of the xzues to the bulky clanky LS, I agree not really ground breaking but this is something worth getting excited about.


I'd buy/use/love a springer like that. Keep us posted on developments and availability please!

Can't really share all the details but I can say that it will be extremely affordable, close to LS performance and coming very soon. Jet had a lot of hiccups with their introduction and to be honest most of it was do to working with xplorer. People do tend to complain about the whole pre-order shenanigans but it takes a lot of capital to get the ball rolling. Here in the US, proper equipment is a major hurdle since not everyone wants to tackle building or modding blasters and there is a big difference between running 100fps noob mods and 130-150 fps now standard superstock which takes more skill and more cash to achieve.

That's awesome- I never did understand why people with the capability and drive to design and make a blaster from scratch, made something so close to a modified longshot.

(external pump seems a shame, though it's a much tidier option than retaliator retrofits)

The external pump grip makes the whole modular design much more simple. I am excited because I enjoy fine tuning my blasters but hate the clamshell with all its tedious screws.

Waffle darts - because they're half the price of Koosh and 1/6 of the price of Elites. And they're available in funky colours. I did try Elites again recently and was taken by surprise how much further they go compared to waffles

Aldegar wrote:
The external pump grip makes the whole modular design much more simple. I am excited because I enjoy fine tuning my blasters but hate the clamshell with all its tedious screws.

Fair point then, if it's contributing something to the design. The modular design is very cool, mostly I don't mind undoing a few screws but there's always those blasters that ping out half the internals, or have 500 screws (looking at you here Stampede)

NerfNoob wrote:
Waffle darts - because they're half the price of Koosh and 1/6 of the price of Elites. And they're available in funky colours. I did try Elites again recently and was taken by surprise how much further they go compared to waffles

Darts in general- when you think about it, it's not so long ago that there really weren't any good aftermarket darts, people were happy enough with FVJs but now they're basically obsolete for full length darts, things have moved so fast. Now we've got 2 superb options (waffle and koosh) and both are pretty reliable and consistent too which is also new (remember the fiasco of gen 2 koosh with the bad glue, suddenly we went back to square one, that'll never happen again). It's pretty awesome. And always more coming along- some smell of novelty but others deliver

American reply for an American post:

3D printed flywheel cages- Probably the OpenFlywheelProject line is what you are referring to. I vastly prefer milled cages too, but one, it enables rapid and cheap development. OFP has more cages for more blasters than any manufacturer. And two, printing has improved to the point where it can do quite dimensionally accurate and worthy blaster parts.

Waffle darts- Good quality waffles are MUCH more accurate than koosh darts. Hands down, no contest. I now consider my remaining koosh stock my junk darts that can't hit anything. Waffle is also much cheaper than koosh. Jam city??? Poor quality batch, or perhaps using them through long barrels, they are a flywheel dart and are terrible for barrels just like koosh. I have chopped some tips but never jammed one yet. They aren't that heavy, the older style tip is 1.3g assembled and the current (Raytheon) tips are less. All of the above applies to Mengun as well.

Hooligan flywheels- they are a much better quality Artifact V1 truncated clone. A fine option for true universal superstock-standard flywheels. They are a bit heavy, just don't use gutless motors with them that you shouldn't be using anyway.

High crush- On this board this exposes a regional regulatory difference from the New World where velocity creep has simply kept going and 150fps+ is canonical superstock. If you are going to build something fully competitive on a SSS/"stockoid" cage format in the American meta right now, it is difficult to avoid using a gap setting that would be considered high crush. Particularly with the modern, accurate, cheap darts being smaller bore, softer foam than old koosh, lowering effective crush ratios. Builds like AR+Artifact smoothies that do nice numbers with koosh are down as much as 20fps with waffle. Personally I sort of missed the boat on the high-crush cage trend, I was focused on finishing up Prometheus while that was happening. Now that Prometheus is done and I am back to doing superstock work, I am focused on designing clean-sheet flywheel systems and blasters.

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