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Adventure Zone Enforcer modification possibilities

My wife got herself a Adventure Zone Enforcer (this: ) after having tried one  out at a war last weekend. In stock form it's actually respectable except in ROF (very easy to out shoot it with a rampage or EAT on slamfire) but stock velocities with elite darts average in the 90s.

My question is do any of y'all know how moddable it is? Stock motor sizes & the like. I'm thinking that rewiring to 18awg & 3 IMRs might be just about perfect for a dart fps & rof bump, IF stock switches can take it (but they might not). Ideas?

This isn't a major undertaking yet, just something I'm thinking about since this off-brand blaster seems to have a good deal of performance potential.

Where did you manage to purchase this... Did you ship it from the USA?

I live in the US. This forum is just a much better resource for modding (especially for electric flywheel blasters) than the US's nerfhaven.

Y'all might have this but maybe by a different brand & model name?

We dont get any of the dart zone/adventure force stuff at the moment.

What / how many batteries does it run on in stock form?

It runs on 4AAs. And flywheels are operated by a side mounted on/off switch, not a momentary trigger. That's another mod to do: put an acceleration trigger below the pusher/chain advance trigger.

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