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Advert Brit money method?

'Brit money method'?

Anyone else get a weird hard sell 'Brit money method' video locked full screen pop up advert when browsing these forum pages

You can't close it without clicking on some dodgy pop up (so I closed chrome instead) and it is very annoying.

If you could nuke this particular 'ad' from orbit that would be good (only way to be sure).

AdBlock Plus is your friend. Throw in NoScript for good measure. Well, the latter is a bit like a nuke but ABP is a must when browsing the internet these days.

Not seen it myself. If you can get me a screen shot I'll add it to the list of annoying ads on the MFF admin pages. They'll nuke it for us.
The Dark Kitten

I had Crush Arcade pop ups here which i blocked by removing it as an add on.
I think you get them via dodgy websites

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