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Advice Needed - Battery Charger Power Supply

Evening... I have a question. After a very insightful Discord chat last night with ON and Franksie, I'm extremely close to making the leap into the world of LiPo battery powered foam flinging goodness (less about that now... more about that another time).

ON recommended this battery which I really like.

This has lead me on the merry chase for a charger... and I've seen it plastered all over the forum that this one is the best one. However, it's never been in stock since I've been looking at it (months...).

So I need a charger, and I like this one and this one. I assume that both of these will be ok to charge and balance (when needed) the battery that I like... speak O Forum, if I'm wrong.

Now... this is where I'm confused. Why doesnt it come with a power cable to plug into the wall! This makes no sense to me. I'm hoping that someone knowledgable can either let me know what type of power supply will be ok to use (please dont just say a laptop psu... they have all kinds of different specs and connecty ends... I dont want to bastardise anything to make it fit) or hit me up with a link to something that I can use.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read... I did have a quick search around the forum and a quick Google search didnt really help - although I will continue looking, maybe I'll stumble onto something.

I'm also waiting to hear back from Hobby Kings seeing as their robot chat machine named Cinderella was of no use when I asked her this question.

All those are DC chargers, designed for RC racers to run for a car battery at races. You should be looking in the AC&DC category. All the Turnigy chargers are designed to run on this PSU as they now need an XT60 connector for the input.
Stock is a massive problem on Hobbyking for the UK, it's partly because of the racing season being in full swing and also because they are waiting to see if the pound recovers from its meltdown so they won't have to ramp up prices by 20%
There is a solution to the PSU problem but it will require some soldering. You need to solder an XT60 onto a PSU like this. I run a 15v 8A printer PSU I found in a charity shop on my Turnigy touch screen.
I would buy the lower output LiHV capable Turnigy. That one will run off a cheaper 5A PSU fine in Nerf use. Don't be tempted by cheaper IMAX B6's or similar, they can't do LiHV and are commonly cloned. I had a clone one, it was OK but I never felt it was as trustworthy as my better Turnigy one I got to replace it and wanted the flexibility to use LiHV if I wanted.
Pound for pound flywheelers will wreck any springer of comparable power output. You can't get an Elite springer to shoot 130fps for 30.

I have the second one. I really like it. I use basically this charger. Had to change the lead over to xt-60 which wasn't a problem if you are comfortable with soldering. (And heat shrink)
If you are in no rush you could go for this one.

Be brave make the leap. I haven't decided which I dislike more for modding, Springer's or flywheels. I think flywheels can be more of a money drain though.

The first one needs a 50W or higher PSU with a 5.5x2.5mm DC jack plug and an output voltage in the 11-18V range (whilst overkill, I use this one although Hobbyking don't seem to sell them with UK plugs or from a UK warehouse anymore - I got mine via eBay). The second one needs an 80W or higher PSU with an XT60 connector (I don't think they even sell a PSU with an XT60 plug - you'd either have to buy a PSU with banana plug output, and use the banana plug to XT60 adapter in the box, or chop off the DC jack and solder on a male XT60 plug).

If you want a charger that has the transformer and inverter built-in, thereby forgoing the need for a separate PSU, you can get the Accucell S60 (although it seems to be out of stock in both UK and international warehouses atm - might have to look elsewhere). Otherwise if you need it now, need it from hobbyking and know you'll never need to charge anything other than LiPo or LiFe, there is the Turnigy P606.

Thanks all, I'm totally new to this side of Nerf and it's very confusing.

So basically, I've been looking at the wrong type of chargers, and they are all out of stock because of RC and the ecomony being in the shitter. I didn't realise that the input was via the XT60 connector. I'm comfortable with soldering, never heat shrinked before... but hairdryer I'm guessing...

So, find a charger, get a laptop charger with the right spec and swap the connector to the relevant input connector for the charger.

Is there any reason why you couldnt get one of the Accucell S60's with a US plug and use an adapter? Is this asking for trouble... the kind that burns your house down...

EDIT - upon further inspection the US version looks to have a detachable plug... making some dangerous assumptions - you could replace the entire lead with a UK version.


Please don't double post- ON


If you buy from the US warehouse you will end up paying much more for postage, duty and VAT.
Those aren't the wrong type if chargers they are PERFECT FOR WHAT YOU NEED, you just need a PSU or USE YOUR CAR BATTERY with the croc clips that come with the charger.
If you are even thinking about buying from the US or International warehouse and are dead set on a mains powered charger you would be better off buying this charger from the UK warehouse instead.

The one I'm looking at on Hobbykings is shipped from the International Warehouse... not sure if that is different from the US Warehouse.

Their international warehouse is based in Hong Kong. Smile

International warehouse is outside the EU, therefore you pay duty, tax and a 15 handling fee.

I got stung with the extra charge a while back. Postie wanted money on the door step which the wife wasn't happy about!

I bought a15 charger on offer and a big LiHV for my HIRricane, cost nearly 60 in the end. UK warehouse or EU warehouse only for HK!

NewportNerfer113 wrote:
So, find a charger, get a laptop charger with the right spec and swap the connector to the relevant input connector for the charger.

Most chargers in the 50W range use a DC input you should be fine with a 5.5x2.5mm jack and a lot of laptop PSUs use this kind of connector but if you get one that doesn't you can get solder-on plugs very cheaply.

NewportNerfer113 wrote:
upon further inspection the US version looks to have a detachable plug... making some dangerous assumptions - you could replace the entire lead with a UK version.

That would be how I'd do it except get one from the EU warehouse rather than the US if you can for the reasons stated above (although I believe they are also currently out of stock - you might have to look outside of Hobbyking). The power cable is a two-pin (often called "fig-8", i.e. figure of eight - it, at least the female side connected to the power cable, is technically called a "C7"). You often see these used as the connection between a laptop PSU and the wall and they are very readily available.

Have one of these, the xt60 input accucel comes with the right xt60 to banana leads. The built in fan is cheap and loud but it's built for the job rather than cobbling something together if you're aversed to doing so like me.

As a complete noob where all things lipo are concerned I'm following this thread with great intrest.

I'm trying to keep up, but I'm still pretty confused 😯

When you suss out what your after please let me know, I think I'll just get the same.

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