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Another request for IMR help

Hey guys. So I just rewired a Stryfre and a Modulus with some beefier wire, as well as cut out all the locks and resistors (still running standard motors). I was pondering over getting a couple of IMRs to chuck in them to up the power a bit. I'm not looking to go down the LiPo pack route just yet, so IMRs it is (I'm now well aware to stay away from Trust/Ultrafires).

Right, not sure if I'm going to run 2 or 3 cells per blaster so have been looking out for a cheap option to get me going, and found this on Amazon Prime:

Now, I'm planning on going to BB5 as it's my birthday, and it'll be my first Nerf war. I'm packing the car boot with a number of blasters, and I'll see what I fancy running on the day, but likely either the Stryfe or Modulus will be my primary (or maybe Modulus as primary, and Stryfe as secondary). This means I'm likely to go through a number of batteries over the course of the day, before resorting to normal AAs; of which I have tons.

So yeah, just wanted people's thoughts on the above really. I'm not looking for maximum performance, and I really don't want to break the bank on this one. And if the cheapo cells only last me 6 months before dying off that's fine, because I should know by then whether I want to invest in some decent IMRs, or go for LiPo packs.

The cells in that link are Tossfire trash rewraps, I wouldn't put them anywhere except the recycling.
I don't like any of the IMR Amazon listings, they are either overpriced or not very good cells. I trust these, Torchy is reliable. I have dummy cells if you want them. I also don't like cheap chargers. A fire in your house is much more expensive than a decent charger.

The above or Red E-Fest IMRs, if you can find them. They're getting rare now. 14500 size LiMn unprotected is what you need to search for.

I just bought some more 14500 IMRs from torchy on Ebay they work well.

For the battery spacers I just use cut down AA sized bolts from furniture packs and some plastic tubing/tape to wrap over the thread section to fit to AA size.

2 IMRs two spacers for stock works fine.
3 IMRs one spacer for rewired works fine.

I guess you can use 4 IMRs if you have completely rewired but I fear most stock blaster motors start having severe life shortening issues at this point!

See you at BB5!

Bolts are not great at conducting higher currents, 4 cells is stupid, it does nothing but make noise.
You should rewire first unless you leave the thermosistor in and restrict yourself to two cells and scrub level mods.

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