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Another stoopid question..

Very stupid question..
Is a double post when you update an original via a reply?... And if you edit your original will people who are interested get see that it has changed?

From my limited experiences on this forum,  I think that it counts as a double post when you just copy and paste a already existing post/thread. What im sure of is that people dont see when you edit a post, and have to physically look at the time the post was last edited on the bottom left of the post.

So if I was updating my modlog I should reply with the new details?

A double post is when you post twice one after another without anyone posting inbetween. It doesn't highlight edits. Double posts are only allowed when you are in a trading thread and you have added new items to the origional post and you want to draw attention to it, this is called a bump.

That makes more sense.  Thanks Dusty.


Dusty's explanation is correct. A double post consists of two successive posts by a single user. In place of a double post we ask that you simply edit your original post.



I was wondering about it too. Now I know.

Bare in mind that edits don't create alerts for anyone watching the topic. If you want to keep everybody informed of an update/edit, you have to copy your previous post, delete it, then paste it into a new post with the amendments. It's a bit of a faff I know but it helps keep things tidy.

How do we delete a post? Every time i've looked I can't see an option to do so

Edit - answered my own question - Delete appears to the right of the Edit button. Is it time limited?

blindgeekuk wrote:
... Is it time limited?

Not as far as I'm aware.

It's not time-limited but AFAIK you can only delete your post if it's the last post in the thread (hence why not all posts have a delete button). This is why you have to delete your old post after copying the contents but before you create the new "bump" post.

... And this explains why I couldn't delete my original post on my mod log.  Thanks SSGT

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