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Anti-slip flywheels

Hi guys,  anyone know if there are any anti-slip flywheels on the market? Noticed that the biggest problem people were having yesterday was flywheel blasters constantly jamming due to the damp darts causing the flywheels to slip.

Working on it. Keep you posted.

OK cool, I was thinking little dimples printed on the flywheel might solve the problem but didn't know if there was anything like that out there already

The interim solution is to only use dry ammo. When playing in the wet, make sure your mag pouches are covered and that you dry darts before putting them in magazines. I usually carry a spare flannel or half a tea towel somewhere in my kit. A simple roll on that or your trousers will dry off darts and stop moisture from building in the flywheel cage.

Above a certain speed flywheels will slip regardless (which is actually beneficial for consistency) but wet flywheels/darts will reduce the friction between the surfaces to some extent no matter what you do (short of having spiked flywheels that would butcher any darts or fingers that wander into them). This is one of the few situations where flywheels with grooves or treads might actually do better than smooth flywheels. The grooves/treads won't increase the frictional force between the dart and the flywheels in the dry (they may actually harm dry performance) but they may be beneficial in the wet if they can effectively shed whatever water is forced out of the darts when compressed. I don't know how much of a difference it will make in practice but if it does work you then have to keep that water away from the electrical system.

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