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Any interest in a Lancashire based group?

Well the title explains it all really.

Myself and the rest of the special farces (up to 8 dependant on our work schedules - 9 if you include The Ghost, but some say he's just a myth) are all based in Blackpool, and as much fun as GuN has been we'd like to have something closer to home.

So, Morecambe through Lancaster, Preston, coming down to Southport etc, give us a shout, and we'll try to pull something together.
Starfalcon Tactical

I'd love for there to be a regular event a bit closer to home being a manchester based nerfer. (no offence to DarkKitten and ZHoM) if there was something that ran as regularly as GuN on in or around Manchester. But i'm in no position to organise events single-handedly at the moment. I'm happy to lend a hand to anyone who is able to set the ball rolling!

Brilliant, well we'll be looking to do something this year hopefully.

Have you spotted anywhere near you that'd be appropriate? That seems to be the biggest barrier so far for us.

( Apologies for wrong board mods, thought I'd put it on here, but had a few tabs open and obviously got V confused)

Topic moved. Maybe you guys should talk to Justajolt about Chapels or FDT about skate parks? I am sure TDK won't mind, Zhom has its own distinct thing going on. Support is available from the rest of us to start a dart pool and to help with policy etc, as well as consent forms and insurance advice.
It might also be worth looking at your local TA centre, Blindgeek told us they have started to be made available for outside hire.

I have access to a fairly large plot of private land in Warrington, its not ideal as theres a fair amount of foliage and trees but there are some grassed areas and also a large tarmac / gravel area that with the right barricares could be used for speedball type games like BGUK does at Wolfpack

Its not Lancashire but also not a million miles away either, let me know if it sounds of any use!

You have 50 brand new Koosh 3s from FDT when you need them - just holler and good luck with this.
Starfalcon Tactical

Possibly have a look at leisure centers or schools with sports facilities and possibly you would be able to hire out a hall and/or field regularly for a slightly reduced price?

Yep I can also hit you up with some waffle tipped love for your dartpool if you get something going and as we're in Manchester a fair bit if the timing is right we might appear for a game Very Happy

I'd definitely be in for this! I love Gun and won't stop going but something a little closer would be brilliant aswell. I've got a few hundred gen 3 koosh darts to donate

Looks like there's enough interest to get something together. It's going to be a little while but I'd defo like to get it done this year.


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