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Any Isle of Wight Nerfers up for a skirmish in August?

I'm visiting my old home from August 10th-15th.

I just wanted to see if anyone based on the Island wanted to have a little meet between these dates. It's partly selfishness, 'cause I'll be missing GuN 8.

Being in the Solent I'm certainly interested, getting a ferry from Pompy to Ryde or Soton to Cowes isn't too difficult though where would you be planning to hold it? as while small the island is still at least 30km across and transport links are not the best there.

Yeah, public transport's dire (and extortionate) unless you're going from Ryde to Ventnor.

I'll provide a shuttle service for any Mainlanders wanting to join us from and to Ryde or East/West Cowes.

I might be able to get an indoor venue near Newport. There are also some funky castle ruins near Newport which I'm pretty sure are (used to be at least) open to the public. I could look into that. I also know of a couple of good parks in Sandown where I used to live. Basically, I'll make the venue happen. It's what I do ^_^

Saturday 14th seems like a good option off the bat, with evenings Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th also options. If there's lots of day-time appetite, I'm up to be argued with.

Do you know any other Solent Nerfers you could sound out on this? I might be able to get one or two Islanders on board...

I know there's a good number of public parks and outside spaces on the island (though I don't know how much foot traffic they get to make them viable). Any of the ruins/ old military forts would be great spaces (I used to be part of a Nerf club that played primarily in castle ruins).

Saturday 14th would most likely be the best date as getting to/from the island can take a while and its more of a day trip than something you could do in an evening and would broaden the reach of players.

I will prod the others in the Solent group and probably put a link to this thread on the Solent Nerf Club page if that's ok with you.

I'm down with that.

Let's do it!

This sounds awesome to me! I can get the ferry which takes like 15 mins! Saturday sounds more of a plan of action to me as well! I hope my worker mod order turns up in time lol

A little more momentum for Saturday, then! I'm contacting people about the venue. Remember, anyone who's interested in coming from the mainland, I can do a shuttle run there and back. Not that I'm desperate to Nerf, or anything!

I'm game, me, SD, and North all live nearby each other so we'll probably go as a posse anyway. Smile

Is there a time in idea for this as I'm working 9-2 Saturday that's all, obv I'm not asking for you to plan it round my time schedule ha!

This just got real.

So, I've secured a venue in Newport IoW.

I'll be starting a new thread on here once we've got a couple of things hammered out.

We've got the venue provisionally from 1500 (with Kraigen in mind ^_^) till 1900, with scope to shift an hour or so either way.

In addition to TheIronKraigen and North257 and Shady-daze, we'll have a couple from my family and I'm waiting to hear back from a few people but I think we'll get a good few more enthusiastic Caulkhead Nerfers there.

A couple of issues before posting up the thread:

Do the Solent Nerfers have a dart pool yet? If not, we might have to try to bring at least 100 or so darts to use each and count on going home with a few less, which is also ok with me!

Same question eye protection. I can bring some if needed.

Finally, shall we call the event "Solent Wars II: Invasion of the Grockles"? Other suggestions welcome... I'm getting excited for this now!!!

I've got around 200 koosh at my house atm, along with around 200 volberries, 50 odd elites and some other crap. I can try and order some more koosh if i can before then.

As far as i know we all have Ipro but that's up to the others of course.

You can call it what you like, i'm more than happy to make it an official SNC event! Smile

Would this be the second solent event?

Take a carrier bag full from the GuN stock with you, it'll magically refill on the 13th! Enjoy your 'soft darn sarf' event

Sweet, can you say anything more about the venue or is it not 100% there yet (I'm just curious is all), in terms of eye pro we don't currently have a supply so it might be worth bringing some if you can.

It's great to hear that you've got a fair few involved already, as we may not have many coming from the main land as its greencloaks the same weekend.

As soon as you hear a date for the venue let us know as we still need to book tickets to on either the hovercraft or ferry, the earlier we book the better.

The venue is 110.8 reocurring %. Approximately.

Date is also over 100 at Saturday 13th (Got the day right but the date wrong earlier!).

I'll be making an event thread tomorrow ^_^

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