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Any Nerf wars (or nerfers) near the Camberley/Yateley area?

I haven't had a Nerf war for years, and I haven't seen a single one anywhere close to where I live whatsoever. It also doesn't help that I don't know anybody irl who's interested in Nerf.
Getting kinda lonely here   Sad

You are within easy distance of Green Cloaks and we have hosted 3 events within a relatively small distance, namely Windsor War, BAGW (Greenwhich) and Jamboree. There should be more events to come next season.
The best solution is to find a venue, set a game date  and start a group! Even 4 people is enough to start something. There are sometimes groups on Facebook as well. We will offer any assistance we can and some of us nearer than me may well attend too.

Personally I'm not really looking to do a LARP, just a regular Nerf war with some people.

Then find a venue and pick a date. There are plenty of players in reach of your area.
Have a quick read of the hosting a war guidelines to give you an idea of the minimum you need. Every regular game started with one player looking for other people to play. If you need anything ask, as there are a couple of very experienced game organisers on the forum.

Actually, yeah, there's a metric shit tonne down your way. You're about 20 minutes drive from the site GC uses for their games so you ought to be able to get something going. Smile

Any questions or help wanted with advice then feel free to ask.

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