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Any UK 3D printers willing to quote for a job?

I finally took the plunge and purchased an Artemis, but wondered if there's anyone able or is currently 3D printing the Artemis stock point attachments like those that OutofDarts sells (the Radiosilence design)? But based in the U.K. In the hope to avoid paying shipping from the states

If you can get the files just use 3dhubs

I heard rumours at Tech Day that BSUK were developing a stock mount for the Artemis. Email them and ask.

OldNoob wrote:
Email them and ask.

Please don't. It's in the pile and all emailing will do is take time from developing stuff to answer your email. We're a bit snowed under with day to day things right now so adding extra email just stuff things further down the chain of stuff to do.

Another option is do a group order and split the costs?

Sorry Boff, sent e-mail before you posted your reply

Please feel free to ignore my e-mail, and my apologies for adding to the workload with my un-necessary electronic communication

Don't apologise to him! What's the point of having a gear manufacturer and print shop if you can't ask them to make things? He only feels valued when he gets to say NOOOOOOOO.

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