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Any Wars in Shropshire?

Want to know if there any Nerf wars happening any time soon in Shropshire or if there are people who regularly set something up in that area.


If there are no groups listed on the sticky at the top of this page, then there isn't one which we are aware of.
Your nearest game at present is Bristol Blast.
Help and advice is available to anyone wishing to set up a game as well.

I'm in Telford and I'm looking to start a Shrops/Staffs war some time this year - likely late Q3

I think there's now quite a few members in that area. My suggestion would be for you all to post here and see what you can get organised.

My recommendation would be to work as a team, maybe via something like Google Docs to get organised. Code of conduct, game types etc can be provided from other groups, and darts and safety glasses can be donated by several of us in the community towards a new regular war

Edit: have a look at these TA Barracks that you can hire. You might have more luck getting an answer out of the West midlands regional coordinator than I havevgettingbone from the Yorkshire guy...

I'll drop them an email next week.  Hopefully being an Veteran may swing it for us

EDIT - also started canvassing on Facebook

I am also in Telford, I would like it if there was something regularly going on in this area.  But, I have absolutely no experience setting up Nerf wars and I'm only 14. Crying or Very sad

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