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Anyone have any experience of selling old Warhammer stuff?

Hi guys,

I have a dump load of really old Warhammer stuff I'm looking to sell. I'very had a quick look on eBay, and am currently registering with one of the warhammer forums. But I was wondering if anyone else has recently gone through this.

All of what I have is from the '90s and is a mixture of metal and plastic.  I don't know if they still do all metal models any more.

I'm going to be taking photos and trying to identify what I have. I have a friend who is into it going to have a look at what I have to see if I can identify everything.

Does anyone have any advice or links or know any collectors out there?

I plan on ploughing the extra cash into my Nerf collection.

You will be horrified at how pricey some items now are. I have always sold surplus on EBay. Get them into squads of gaming size and make sure all the parts are present if some bits have fallen off. Unpainted stuff is worth more.

I took all of mine to a local gaming group and shifted about 90% to local players. The rest I bundled up as ON suggested and put them on eBay.

I still have loads of models I can't bare to get rid of even though I have little interest in learning to play again.

I'm the same I have a tone of models, but can't bring myself to sell them. All those hours I spent building and painting.

I did just do a quick Ebay search and I can't belive the price of some items.... that I have!

I sold some boxed games a few years back for frankly disgusting amounts of money- one was "here are 2 editions of space marine + all my epic scale crap, here's pictures of all the crap, some of it's painted, some of it's not, I don't know what it's worth... GO". 5 start price, sold for something mental like 150, I had no idea. I kept all my blood bowl and necromunda stuff though, because, well, blood bowl! Necromunda!

I can't face opening up all the boxes of minis thugh, it's got to be worth a good chunk but it's just too much to sort through  Laughing Maybe some day...

Last time I checked, my miniatures were heading easily for 4 figures total. I have, for example, a full company of Valhallan imperial guard, painted to a very high standard, over 120 models. Unpainted they are 3 each. I have a full tank company, again lots of tricky paint and weathering, plus support artillery and super heavies, that lot is probably topping a couple of hundred. That's without my company of RTB01 space marines and 1st edition and raider, predators, rhinos and the first 3 space marine models ever.
I play with about 20% of it twice a year. There's about 10 years work in the three main armies.

Nice. I have 4 armies... and some Necromunda.  I attempted to paint some of it. Badly. Bit much of it is unpainted. I think I started collecting about 21 years ago... dammit I'm old. When did that happen.

I have a fully painted Elysian Drop Troop Regiment, that I left at the house of a friend I'm no longer in contact with .... Crying or Very sad

I started playing in 1988.

The only thing I have left from my collection is my adeptus  astartes sew on insignia. Currently adorning some Nerf tactical gear...

This has got me thinking... I know you can strip acrylics pretty easily from metal. For plastic, you can't just attack it with dichloromethane or similiar but you can get it off with dettol and a little work. But is it worth it, when selling? I'm sure it'll add value over a low quality/unfinished paint job but does it add enough value to justify the time?

For those wanting a trip down memory lane... here are my 5 albums (for each of my armies/Necromunda).  I'm hoping to identify all of the pieces, so if any of you recognise any models (long shot I know), please let me know.

Also, if you have any ideas... like perhaps selling them in bits and pieces, or as an army, let me know.  i have no set way to approach this.

Blood Angels
Chaos Dwarves
Space Orks

Love Necromunda Smile

There must have been a terrible moment at GW where they realised that the best game they'd ever made only needed about 10 figures to play Laughing But I ended up with 3 copies of the box set for all the buildings and walls soooooo

(when I worked for a bank, GW were a customer. I phoned them up one time, the chap who answered quoth
Said why I was calling, the chap said in a normal voice
"Oh, you want Sharon in accounts"
Almost feel off my seat.

OldNoob was right, I've spent the last few days cataloging what I have and checking eBay to see how I should price up some of these pieces and it's f**king insane.

30 someone wants for a Necromunda model - just the one mind you... and someone else wants 46 for Astragoth (Chaos Dwarf)... ridiculous.

Of course, you need someone willing to pay that price, but the fact that it's already on there at that price is just silly.
Clockwork Wino

Rarity can often have more value than the quality of painting. I got more for my dog eared copy of the original Rogue Trader book than for a fully painted and customised 2500 pt undead army.

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