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Anything I should do?

Bought a stryfe, rapidstrike and alpha trooper today ready for Hendon I've removed the locks from the stryfe but wondered if there's anything else you'd recommend that I do to them. Eventually I plan on a full rewire with upgraded motors flywheels and batteries but I've spent my budget for this month on the blasters so that will probably be in a couple of months.

You've pretty much answered your own question, the next stage for me would be to do a full rewire with an updated battery pack to get the most from the standard motors then when funds allowed just solder in better motors job done.

Wire for the Stryfe is less than 5. Not much you can do without materials really, you could bypass the jam door on the Stryfe and remove the rubber dart skirt on the RS. A 5kg Spring in the EAT can be had off BSUK for 5.

Practice. It costs nothing and will raise your game. Get used to wearing any tac-gear you have, get used to how it feels to move in and any restrictions you might have. For magazine fed blasters, reload drills are critical. Get used to where your magazines come from, where they go and how that feels in hand. I can reload from my pouches 3 times in under 10 seconds (probably less if I actually timed myself) because I've been practising for over 5 years now. Smile

This video by Jangular covers most of the things you'll want to look at.

I'm in the process of making some tac-gear and waiting for my spare mags to be delivered but will practice as soon as they turn up

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Q&A and New members
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