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AR removal or no AR removal?

I've modded a few springers now and it seems the AR on older guns should be removed but for newer elite style guns it doesn't make much difference to performance.

So I have modded a hammershot with a full blasterworks kit, just wondering how much more performance I can get out with AR removal.

From the data I have seen on the FPS it appears to offers marginal improvement with the risk of long term damage. I also know however that allot of people do this, so I am not sure if it worth doing.

What would you guys recommend?

It's exactly as you said with many blasters, including Hammershot. You have the choice between a little improvement at the expense of Longevity or a longer lasting, slightly lower performing blaster.

I'd go for saved time over a few extra fps because that's what I value, but it's an individual decision an d the right thing to do is whatever will make you feel satisfied with the end result and enjoy using your blaster. That's the joy of modding and Nerf^_^

The Hammershot and Elite blasters do gain power from AR removal, typically 3-10fps. Most won't immediately break, however you do accelerate wear if you dry fire and removing the AR badly, like knocking it out with screw driver like many of the morons who do "mod guides" will potentially wreck the bolt.
If you are using the metal hammer and sear the added weight of those is costing you about the same as the AR. Put the plastic one back in and you will get 5fps, removing the AR and cleaning up the airflow will net you another 3-5.
I rarely bother, as by the time I am on a pistol my enemy is close enough for it to not matter.

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